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Aboriginal Collection from Tasmania 2003 - Lola Greeno collection

The Aboriginal Collection from Tasmania 2003 comprises seventy-seven items representing twenty-four individuals/organisations. The collection features a range of materials including shell necklaces, kelp crafts, woven baskets, carved tools and weapons, postcards, clothing and contemporary artwork. As one of the key aims was to capture a cross section of Tasmanian Aboriginal life and culture in 2003, the items have all been recently made or produced and are in good condition.30 May 2012

Aboriginal Collection from Tasmania 2003 - Nikki Smith and Leah Brown collection

The Aboriginal Collection from Tasmania 2003 comprises seventy-seven items representing twenty-four individuals/organisations. The collection features a range of materials including shell necklaces, kelp crafts, woven baskets, carved tools and weapons, postcards, clothing and contemporary artwork. As one of the key aims was to capture a cross section of Tasmanian Aboriginal life and culture in 2003, the items have all been recently made or produced and are in good condition.30 May 2012

Aboriginal Collection from Tasmania 2003 - Rodney Dillon collection

The Aboriginal Collection from Tasmania 2003 comprises seventy-seven items representing twenty-four individuals/organisations. The collection features a range of materials including shell necklaces, kelp crafts, woven baskets, carved tools and weapons, postcards, clothing and contemporary artwork. As one of the key aims was to capture a cross section of Tasmanian Aboriginal life and culture in 2003, the items have all been recently made or produced and are in good condition.30 May 2012

Aboriginal collections from Tasmania 2003

The Aboriginal Collection from Tasmania 2003 comprises seventy-seven items representing twenty-four individuals/organisations. The collection features a range of materials including shell necklaces, kelp crafts, woven baskets, carved tools and weapons, postcards, clothing and contemporary artwork. As one of the key aims was to capture a cross section of Tasmanian Aboriginal life and culture in 2003, the items have all been recently made or produced and are in good condition.30 May 2012

AC Bannerman collection

The AC Bannerman collection consists of a silver-plate tankard presented to Australian cricketer Alexander Chalmers (Alick) Bannerman by Mr (later Sir) Frederick Thomas Sargood on the occasion of the Australian cricket team's 1880 tour of England.30 May 2012

Adrian Quist collection

The Adrian Quist Collection comprises a Dunlop tennis racquet used by Quist to win the Wimbledon Doubles Championship in 1950 and a handwritten note establishing the racquet's provenance.30 May 2012

Alexandra District Historical Association collection

The Alexandra District Historical Association (ADHA) Collection comprises 73 photographic glass slides depicting a range of late 19th century architectural and natural sites in Melbourne and Tasmania.30 May 2012

Australian Broadcasting Corporation collection no. 1

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) collection no. 1 consists of 1170 objects relating to the history of television and radio broadcasting in Australia since ABC radio first went to air on 1 July 1932. The collection contains technical equipment and archival material including studio control panels and console desks, cameras, radios, musical instruments, gramophones, headphones, microphones, audio records, manuals, ephemera relating to the 'Argonauts' club and other documentation. The ABC's first Outside Broadcast van is the largest object in the collection and one of the most significant, having been used to televise the first ABC broadcast on 5 November 1956.30 May 2012

Australian sports collections

Sport is a major area of collection interest for the National Museum of Australia. While not all sports are represented the collections includes some very significant items relating to boxing, cricket, horse racing, tennis, rugby league, netball, rugby league, Australian rules football, rugby union, mountaineering, surf life saving and other sports.30 May 2012

Banks Florilegium collection

The Banks' Florilegium was published by Alecto Historical Editions (London) in association with the British Museum (Natural History) between 1980 and 1990. Each of the 100 sets that comprise the edition consists of seven hundred and forty three botanical line engravings, after the watercolours drawn from nature by Sydney Parkinson recording the plants collected by Joseph Banks and Dr Daniel Carl Solander during their voyage round the world on HMB 'Endeavour' with Lieutenant James Cook, 1768-1771.30 May 2012

Banks Medallion collection

The Banks Medallion Collection comprises a Wedgwood & Bentley cameo portrait medallion featuring a profile bust of Joseph Banks modelled in high relief in white jasper on a solid blue jasper body c.1775-80. The portrait of Banks reproduced on the medallion was originally modelled by John Flaxman R.A. (1755-1826), a leading neo-classical sculptor employed by Wedgwood from 1775. Flaxman modelled his portraits in a hard grey-white wax directly onto a glass background, with each portrait in wax substantially larger than the resulting jasper copy to allow for shrinkage during moulding and firing. Due to the limitations of the casting process, the artist would 'undercut', or carve back into the jasper copies to sharpen their details and give a greater impression of depth to the portrait before firing. The condition of the collection is good, with only a few small chips missing from the edge of the medallion. The white jasper portrait is in excellent condition.30 May 2012

Coogee Beach Dolphins collection

The Coogee Beach Dolphins collection consists of one yellow and blue commemorative rugby league jersey, from the World Sevens tournament, summer 2003, signed by rugby league stars, and relatives of the Coogee Dolphins rugby league club lost in the Bali bombings of 12 October 2002. The jersey was worn during the tournament's three matches. Additionally there is a colour photograph of the 2002 season Coogee Dolphins 'A' team, including the six team members who lost their lives in the blasts.30 May 2012

Daisy Bates and Herbert Browne collection

The Daisy Bates - Herbert Browne collection consists of twelve Indigenous objects which belonged to Herbert Browne. Browne acquired a collection of objects from Daisy Bates while she was living at Ooldea in the 1920s and 1930s.30 May 2012

Dally Messenger collection

The Dally Messenger Collection consists of the Royal Agricultural Society shield, the first premiership shield for the NSW Rugby League competition. The Shield was presented to South Sydney in 1908 and 1909; Newtown in 1910; and Eastern Suburbs 1911-13. After winning the competition in 1913 Eastern Suburbs Club were presented the shield permanently. Eastern Suburbs then presented the shield to their star captain Dally Messenger.30 May 2012

David Innes Watt collection

The David Innes Watt Family Collection consists of an eighteen carat gold cup: the Tirranna Picnic Race Club Challenge Cup. It has two ornate handles and a lid with a small horse and was first presented in 1895. Mr David Innes Watt won the cup in 1899 with his horse Loch Leven, in 1904 with Chiefswood and in 1906 with Pleasure. With his third win, he earned the right to retain the gold cup in perpetuity. Crafted by Hardy Brothers Jewellers, the Tirranna Picnic Race Club Challenge Cup was awarded for the main race. In 1895 the gold cup was valued at £150.30 May 2012

Diana Boyer collection

The Diana Boyer collection comprises artworks, annotated sketches and other recordings of life on 'Bobbara Creek', a rural property in the Binalong district of southern New South Wales, between 1981 and 2007.30 May 2012

Ernabella Arts collection no. 5

This collection consists of a woven spinifex and raffia emu (kalaya) and goanna (ngintaka) by Pantjiti Lionel. They represent a development in the range of secular work produced by Indigenous artists in the Ernabella locality of South Australia.30 May 2012

Ernabella Arts Inc. collection no. 6

The Ernabella Arts Inc collection no. 6 consists of two girls' dance outfits. Each outfit includes a black Bonds top and skirt, a woollen arm and headband, a woollen overskirt made from strands of commercial wool worn over the black skirt and a painted digging stick.30 May 2012

Ernabella Arts Inc. collection no. 7

The Ernabella Arts Inc collection no. 7 consists of a wide variety of material dating from the early 1990s to early 2005. The collection includes baskets, seed body ornaments, paintings on silk and canvas, some prints, batiks and an important group of ceramics that were produced between 1997 and 2005.30 May 2012

Ernabella collections

The National Museum of Australia has an extensive collection of artworks created by Indigenous artists in the Ernabella community. The collection comprises a range of media including fabric works, ceramics, wooden carvings and print works. The collection also contains historical artefacts such as a school exercise book, a hymnal, black and white photographs and other material documenting the history of the community and country.30 May 2012

Evonne Goolagong Cawley collection no. 1

The Evonne Goolagong Cawley Collection no. 1 consists of a tennis dress and warm-up jacket. The dress is white with a scalloped hem and bolero-style top with an embroidered aqua flower trim. It was designed by world-renowned tennis couturier, Teddy Tinling in either 1971 or 1972. The jacket is designed by sportswear company Fila, and is predominantly white with a red collar, red stripes at top of sleeves and a navy zip. It dates from 1980. The jacket has been autographed: 'Keep Smiling, Evonne Goolagong Cawley'.30 May 2012

Evonne Goolagong Cawley collection no. 2

The Evonne Goolagong Cawley Collection No. 2 consists of three trophies won by Evonne Goolagong Cawley at Wimbledon in 1971, 1974 and 1980, and two tennis racquets used by her during the 1971 and 1980 tournaments.30 May 2012

Evonne Goolagong Cawley collection no. 3

The Evonne Goolagong Cawley Collection No. 3 consists of a tennis dress and jacket designed by Ted Tinling, a Federation Cup trophy, and a junior tennis trophy. The objects belong to Evonne Goolagong Cawley and directly relate to her tennis career. All objects are in very good condition.30 May 2012

Francis Birtles collection

The 'Francis Birtles collection' collection consists of a 1925 Bean 14hp two-seater racing car known as 'The Sundowner' and several pieces of associated ephemera. The era of this car's construction witnessed the rise of the automobile industry and the growing use of increasingly sophisticated vehicles for recreational and practical purposes.30 May 2012

Frank Arthur collection

The Frank Arthur Collection consists of one sterling silver helmet trophy and one golden gauntlet trophy, both were won in the British speedway season of 1927-28.30 May 2012

Geoff Bartram collection

The Geoff Bartram collection consists of a mountaineering outer suit worn during the First Australian Mt Everest Expedition in 1984.30 May 2012

Geoff Christiansen collection

The Geoff Christiansen collection consists of two Speedo swimsuits worn in surf lifesaving competitions in the 1950s, six felt pennants and four photographs.30 May 2012

Gregg collection

The Gregg Collection comprises one convict leather side cap. The cap was originally purchased in an auction of excess army and penal system stock during the 1940s in Tasmania. The convict cap has not been worn but is a good representation of the type issued to convicts from the 1830s.30 May 2012

Groote Eylandt Women's Material collection

The Groote Eylandt collection contains 25 objects made by Indigenous women. The collection contains two string bags, a paperbark carry basket, a carved bird, three cooking sticks, four digging sticks, a fighting stick, three axes, three samples of fibres used to make the string bags and four packets of shavings from the axe handle and sticks.30 May 2012

Herb Gilbert collection

The Herb Gilbert collection consists of a Metropolitan Rugby Union "B" cap for 1909 and a 1910 commemorative cap belonging to the rugby union and league player Herb Gilbert (Snr).30 May 2012

History of netball - Liz Ellis collection

The History of Netball collection consists of material relating to the history of national and international level netball in Australia from the 1930s to the present day. The collection of thirty three objects has been formed through donations by seven separate donors representing different eras and roles in netball history.30 May 2012

HP Moss collection

This collection comprises a series of stone tools mainly collected by HP Moss in the Australian Capital Territory. The collection has been stored in a number of wooden trays. No documentation accompanied the collection. Moss did, however, publish an article about stone tools in the ACT in the ANZAAS journal titled 'Evidences of Stone Age Occupation of the A.C.T.' and a manuscript copy of this is also on file.30 May 2012

Ian Metherall collection

The Ian Metherall Collection comprises the first prototype Holden sedan motor vehicle. It was hand-built at Fisher Works, Detroit, in 1946 and, after extensive testing, was brought to Australia with two other prototypes for road trials under local conditions. Following release of Holden sedans for sale to the public in March 1949 the prototype passed into private hands. It has since been substantially restored.30 May 2012

Jan Taylor collection

The Jan Taylor collection documents Jan's experience as a participant through regional, state and national contests for the Miss Australia Quest, her crowning as Miss Australia 1964, and her participation in the 1964 International Beauty Congress. The collection includes three sashes, a scrapbook, a Miss Australia 1964 sceptre, an LP record, and a dress designed as 'national costume' by Beril Jents, worn by Jan at the International Beauty Congress in Long Beach, California. The collection is supported by thirty-two (32) photographs and ephemera items documenting Jan Taylor's experience as participant, and eventual winner of the Miss Australia Quest.30 May 2012

Jim McMahon collection

The Jim McMahon Collection consists of a horseracing bookmaker's betting board, a greyhound racing bookmaker's betting board, bookmaker's betting tickets, ticket holders, personalised bookmaker's bag marked 'Jim McMahon Canberra', betting board stands and four carrying cases. These items were used by Jim McMahon in Canberra and the Southern Districts region from 1983 until 1994.30 May 2012

Joan Richmond collection

The Joan Richmond collection consists of items related to the motor racing career of Joan Richmond. These include a racing suit, goggles, a trophy, number plates, a personal journal, letters, photographs and newspaper clippings.30 May 2012

Joan Stanbury collection

The Joan Stanbury collection comprises six objects associated with her participation in the Miss Australia Quest 1959 and the inaugural International Beauty Congress (Miss International) 1960. Items include a Miss Western Australia 1959 trophy; a Miss Australia 1959 trophy; a photographic Presentation Book and book of Notes on Western Australia; a wall plaque and key to the City of Bellflower in Los Angeles, California. The collection is supported by twenty-five paper-based items - photographs and ephemera documenting Joan Stanbury's experience as participant, eventual winner, and ambassadress for the Miss Australia Quest and her country.30 May 2012

Judith and Ron Behan collection no. 1

This collection consists of three sculptures and two paintings, all created by Aboriginal artists in the north and north-west of Australia.30 May 2012

Kevin Hannan collection

The Kevin Hannan collection consists of material relating to the grieving of Winnie O'Sullivan over the death of her fiance, Australian champion boxer Les Darcy, in 1917. The collection is supported by 2 postcards and 6 photographs depicting Darcy's ill-fated boxing career in America, and friends and family of Winnie O'Sullivan central to the Darcy story throughout various periods of her life.30 May 2012

Lionel Rose collection no. 1

The Lionel Rose Collection relates to the boxing career of Lionel Rose, and consists of a single pair of cream and gold coloured silk Rider boxing trunks once belonging to the famous Aboriginal boxer.30 May 2012

Lionel Rose collection no. 2

The Lionel Rose Collection consists of the World Bantamweight title match trophy won by defending champion, Lionel Rose when he defeated Takao Sukurai on 2 July 1968, in Tokyo.30 May 2012

Mary Munckton and Ian Metherall collection

The Mary Monckton Collection comprises the 48-215 Holden sedan delivered to the home of Essignton Lewis (1881-1961) on the eve of 24 February 1949, the day before Holdens were released for sale to the general public. It was used by the Lewis family for a number of years before being sold. Having fallen into disuse it was salvaged by Mary Monckton and restored by students at the Wangaratta College of TAFE in 1987.30 May 2012

McCormick Foods Australia collection

The McCormick Foods Australia collection comprises a Ford T-Model truck used to promote sales of Aeroplane Jelly. Emblazoned with a logo, and loudly broadcasting the Aeroplane Jelly jingle, it was a common sight at food fairs and advertising 'stunts' throughout the 1980s. It was placed into storage in 1988.30 May 2012

Milo Dunphy collection no. 2

This collection is comprised of over 100 artefacts which make up Milo Dunphy's bushwalking and camping kit, plus a few personal effects. Some of the objects include items of gear passed down to Milo by his father Myles Dunphy, while others were purchased or assembled by Milo himself.30 May 2012

Miss Australia Company collection

The Miss Australia Company collection comprises items of regalia worn by national titleholders in the Miss Australia Quest. The collection includes both the Miss Australia crown (one of the most recognisable symbols of the quest, used from 1965 to 1991), and the Miss Australia Charity Queen tiara (used from 1976 to 1991). These items are supported by a series of thirty-four (34) black & white photographs documenting Quest titleholders over the years 1953 to 1987.30 May 2012

Miss Australia Quest collections

This collection was formed during the development of an exhibition titled, Miss Australia: A Nation's Quest. The collection includes: the Miss Australia Company collection, Tania Verstall collection, the Joan Stanbury collection and the Jan Taylor collection.30 May 2012

Noelle Sandwith collection no. 1

This collection comprises of 101 sketches drawn by Noelle Sandwith in 1952-53 while travelling along the Birdsville track. The sketches examine a wide variety of Australian scenes and the people Sandwith met. They provide a view of outback society at this time and chronicle the relationships between various groups and people.30 May 2012

Olive King collection

The Olive King collection consists of ten commemorative medallions and plaques covering themes related to the First World War in Europe, including items produced as propaganda and to inspire patriotism. The collection also contains three Australian commemorative medallions.30 May 2012

Papunya Art 2008 collection

The Papunya Art 2008 Collection consists of fifteen artworks, comprising eleven untitled watercolours and drawings on paper produced by unknown Pintupi artists, two paintings by Uta Uta Tjangala, and one painting each by Kaapa Tjampitjinpa and Anatjari Tjakamarra. All but one of the works date from 1971 and 1972, with one painting dated 1986. The collection also includes some supporting documentation held in the Archive collection.30 May 2012

People for Nuclear Disarmament collection no. 1

The People for Nuclear Disarmament collection no. 1 consists of the Peace Bus, which was driven around the east of Australia to promote the cause of world peace and nuclear disarmament. The collection also contains objects that travelled on the bus, including promotional and educational material, office equipment and documents, and manuals and tools for maintaining the bus.30 May 2012

Peter Brokensha and Bobby Bardjarai Nganjimirra collection

The collection consists of 25 natural earth pigment on bark paintings, all painted by prominent western Arnhem Land artist and respected Nadjalama elder, Bobby Bardjarai Nganjimirra (1915-1992).30 May 2012

Phillip Hutchinson collection

The Phillip Hutchinson Collection comprises a 1923 Model 740 Stanley Steamer motor vehicle with Vehicle No. 23548. The vehicle was purchased in the United States of America by Phillip Hutchinson in 1993. He used it for recreational purposes, driving the back roads near his farm at Stratford in Gippsland Victoria.30 May 2012

Political Cartooning 2004 collection

This collection consists of 120 original hand drawn and 90 digital or printed political cartoons collected as donations under the auspices of the National Museum's 2004 National political cartooning exhibition 'Behind the Lines'.30 May 2012

Political Cartooning 2006 collection - Bruce Petty

The Political Cartooning 2006 collection consists of 109 political cartoons collected under the auspices of the National Museum of Australia's 2005 2007 Political cartooning targeted collecting project and the Behind the Lines 2006 political cartooning exhibition.30 May 2012

Political cartoons

The National Museum of Australia has an extensive collection of political cartoons dating from the late 1960s through to the first decade of the twenty-first century. Cartoons reflect key moments in Australian history and offer a powerful and immediate insight into how political events were perceived at the time they occurred. The National Museum of Australia’s collection, spanning over five decades, provides a rich cultural resource that documents the changing political landscape in Australia.30 May 2012

Political Humour Competition 1999 collection

This collection consists of 134 political cartoons collected under the auspices of the National Museum's 1999 Political Humour Competition.30 May 2012

Political Humour Competition 2001 collection

This collection consists of 150 political cartoons collected under the auspices of the National MuseumÂ’s 2001 National political Humour Competition.30 May 2012

Political Humour Competition 2002 collection

This collection comprises 154 political cartoons collected under the auspices of the Museum's 2002 National Political Humour Competition.30 May 2012

Richard Daintree collection

The Richard Daintree collection consists of 10 glass plate positives in a wooden travel case made in the 1870s.30 May 2012

Ron Westwood collection

The Ron Westwood Collection comprises a 1923 5CV Citroen, a collection of lantern slides with a lantern slide projector and a collection of newspaper articles, letters, photographs and other paperwork. The car underwent some restoration in the 1970s and is in reasonable condition.30 May 2012

Ronald Gale collection no. 1

The Ronald L Gale Freemasonry Collection comprises the masonic regalia of three members of the Gale family, plus male clothing and female outfils that were worn at public Freemasonry functions.30 May 2012

Shirley Strickland collection

The Shirley Strickland collection consists of a pair of green shorts with yellow stripes and a white vest with diagonal green and gold stripes, which comprise a running uniform from the 1956 Olympic Games held in Melbourne.30 May 2012

Sotheby's collection no. 1

This collection includes: a black and yellow woollen convict jacket (late 1850s), a convict black leather side cap, a prison door lock, and a pair of manacles.30 May 2012

Springfield collection

The Springfield Collection comprises about 1550 artefacts from Springfield station, south of Goulburn. It includes colonial era costumes, a bushranger medal, surveying instruments, a late-19th century landau, firearms and edged weapons, wool samples and Joseph Foveaux's pocket watch and bible. The objects are complemented by over 400 photographs.30 May 2012

Staffordshire Figurine collection

The Staffordshire Figurine Collection comprises three polychrome enamelled ceramic figurines of: Captain Cook seated at a small table; William Smith O'Brien seated and in chains; and O'Brien standing and dressed as a convict. Each figure dates from the late 1840s and shows evidence of minor restoration. The collection is in good condition.30 May 2012

Sydney Cove Medallion collection

The Sydney Cove Medallion collection consists of a single original issue Wedgwood medallion made in 1789 from clay from Sydney Cove. It is a key object through which we can examine the links between Australia and England. The story of the making of the medallion connects to key figures in British and Australian history including Governor Arthur Phillip, Joseph Banks, Josiah Wedgwood and Erasmus Darwin.30 May 2012

Tania Verstak collection

The Tania Verstak collection documents Tania's experience as a participant and eventual winner both of the 1961 Miss Australia Quest and the 1962 Miss International contest. Trophies are a particular strength of this collection, representing the then unprecedented level of success achieved by Tania Verstak as the first naturalised Australian to win the Miss Australia Quest, and as an Australian winner of a high profile overseas beauty contest. Also in this collection are two evening gowns worn by Tania during competition for the Miss Australia Quest, and a dress worn for 'national costume' judging at the 1962 International Beauty Congress held in Long Beach, California. This collection is supported by file copies of photographs, newspaper clippings and ephemera, sourced from Tania Verstak's personal archive, that document her progression through the state and national stages of the Miss Australia Quest, her participation at the International Beauty Congress, and her world tour as Miss Australia 1961.30 May 2012

Terence Lane collection

This collection consists of approximately 180 objects of Australiana, predominantly featuring the kangaroo.30 May 2012

Timothy Millett collection

The Timothy Millett collection comprises 307 convict love tokens dating from 1762 to 1856, seven contemporary documents relating to the criminal justice system and a handwritten account of the life of Thomas Jones, who was transported twice and finally hanged at Winchester Prison in 1856.30 May 2012

Vehicle collections

The National Museum of Australia has a significant collection of historical motor vehicles. Unlike many museums, the National Museum preserves both the form and the function of the vehicles - keeping both technologies and the knowledges of the technologies alive for the future. The vehicle collections include the 1946 Holden Prototype no. 1, a 1923 Stanley Steamer, the 1923 5CV Citroen that was the first motor vehicle to cross Australia, a 1925 Sundowner Bean car and the bus used by the People for Nuclear Disarmament in their protest in the mid-1980s.30 May 2012

Watkin Tench collection

This is a copy of the first and only edition of Watkin Tench's A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson, published in 1793. It is quarto-sized, bound in 'period-style tree calf', 212 pages long with a folding map of New South Wales. Tench was a marine who came to Australia on the HMS Charlotte with the First Fleet in 1788, and returned to England in December 1791.30 May 2012

William and Jeanette Derham Family - Bendigo Pottery collection

The William and Jeanette Derham Family collection consists of historic Bendigo Pottery ceramics from the 19th and 20th centuries which illustrate the diversity of wares produced between 1858 and 1971, as well as a comprehensive range of items manufactured during the Derham era (1968 - 1983).30 May 2012

World Trade Center Australian Flag collection

The collection consists of an Australian flag measuring approximately 1200mm by 1780mm. It is intact but crumpled with minor tears and soiled with debris. The flag was flown at Australian ceremonial occasions at the World Trade Center in New York prior to September 2001.30 May 2012