Milo Dunphy collection no. 2




This collection is comprised of over 100 artefacts which make up Milo Dunphy's bushwalking and camping kit, plus a few personal effects. Some of the objects include items of gear passed down to Milo by his father Myles Dunphy, while others were purchased or assembled by Milo himself.

Elements of this kit were used for bushwalking and camping expeditions (and visits to some environmental blockades/protests) throughout Australia, from Tasmania to North Queensland and the Northern Territory. There were also expeditions to New Zealand and Nepal, and some kit items such as Nepalese woollen gloves and cap were collected overseas.

The late Milo Dunphy AM, was one of Australia's leading contemporary conservationists and also a famous bushwalker, who followed in the footsteps of his similarly famous bushwalking conservationist father Myles Dunphy, OBE.

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