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The Ian Metherall Collection comprises the first prototype Holden sedan motor vehicle. It was hand-built at Fisher Works, Detroit, in 1946 and, after extensive testing, was brought to Australia with two other prototypes for road trials under local conditions. Following release of Holden sedans for sale to the public in March 1949 the prototype passed into private hands. It has since been substantially restored.

This vehicle is a reflection of national aspirations, a representation of post-WWII industrial development in Australia and an icon of 1950s Australian society. It is the only survivor of the first three prototypes of 'Australia's Own Car'. It marks the beginning of the Australian automobile industry, contributing significantly to the increasing prosperity of Australians in the post-war years. A Holden was the first car owned by many Australians. They have been celebrated in popular culture, including music, film and even pin ball machines.

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