Political Cartooning 2004 collection




This collection consists of 120 original hand drawn and 90 digital or printed political cartoons collected as donations under the auspices of the National Museum's 2004 National political cartooning exhibition 'Behind the Lines'.

There are 50 different artists represented in the collection including prominent artists such as Lindsay Foyle, John Shakespeare, Peter Nicholson, Cathy Wilcox, Geoff Pryor, Bruce Petty, Ian Sharpe, David Pope and Ward O'Neill. The cartoons provide a satirical record of the major events and personalities in Australian politics in 2004. Major topics addressed within the collection include a central focus on war in Iraq; the continuing doubts over existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD's); the dubious equality of the Australia/United States free trade agreement; the 2004 Budget and the lead up to the Federal election; the devastating Tsunami that swept across South-Asia and finally, the rise and fall of Mark Latham from the Australian political arena.

As a medium, cartooning provides a forum for robust discussion of our political system. While sometimes silly or trivial, cartoons can also carry powerful political messages. At times, they challenge readers to consider the impact of politics while allowing them to laugh at themselves and our political system. Taken together the museum’s cartoon collection represents a fascinating visual archive of Australian politics and graphic satire.

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Physical access to collection is by appointment only

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