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This collection comprises a series of stone tools mainly collected by HP Moss in the Australian Capital Territory. The collection has been stored in a number of wooden trays. No documentation accompanied the collection. Moss did, however, publish an article about stone tools in the ACT in the ANZAAS journal titled 'Evidences of Stone Age Occupation of the A.C.T.' and a manuscript copy of this is also on file.

Like many collectors Moss was an amateur collector. Henry Percival Moss (ca. 1884-1954) was responsible for the first electricity supply in Canberra, in 1914, and was in charge of Commonwealth electrical engineering works, including in the ACT, until 1942. Early in his career, Moss was engaged in survey and preliminary work for Cassiles Gold Mining Company in eastern Gippsland and was later appointed Chief Electrical Engineer, Mount Bischoff Tin Mining company at Launceston Tasmania. He was involved with the initial surveys for the Snowy Mountains Scheme and in 1942 moved to Melbourne to take up the position of Controller of Electricity. In 1946 Moss was invited to be deputy leader of a Technical Mission to Germany and left for Europe in 1946. He retired in 1949 but went abroad as the technical advisor to the Reparations Commission and represented the Commonwealth at international power conferences in Europe. After returning to Australia Moss acted as consultant to various electrical firms.

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