Ernabella Arts collection no. 5




This collection consists of a woven spinifex and raffia emu (kalaya) and goanna (ngintaka) by Pantjiti Lionel. They represent a development in the range of secular work produced by Indigenous artists in the Ernabella locality of South Australia.

Ernabella has a twenty-year history of woven work on the loom but until recent years has no history of three dimensional weaving. This is the first time an Ernabella artist is known to have produced such objects. Their origin can be traced both to the production of punu, carvings decorated with burnt wire work, that is carried out across the Pitjantjatjara homelands, and to the development of basket weaving locally. The emu and goanna are good examples of the women's ability to work with available materials to create new artefacts.

This collection complemens the existing extensive collection of the work of Ernabella artists and ensure that the collection represents current practices. The National Museum of Australia holds the most comprehensive collection of Ernabella material worldwide.

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