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This collection includes: a black and yellow woollen convict jacket (late 1850s), a convict black leather side cap, a prison door lock, and a pair of manacles.

The convict's jacket is a British Government issue parti-coloured black and yellow woollen work jacket, from Campbell Street Goal, Hobart, in the late 1850s. This long sleeved jacket has a stand collar with metal coated buttons. The convict black leather side cap has fabric ties at both corners. The liner is marked with a upward arrow and "B" in dark ink near the sweat band. The hat is fragile, worn, stiff and faded. The pair of metal manacles has a large brass padlock. The padlock is locked and the keyhole has a swinging cover plate. The cuffs are connected by a length of chain with oblong links, and the padlock is at the midpoint of the chain. The last link of both ends of the chain passes through a hole in the side of the cuff to join it to the chain.

Few objects remain from the convict period. The convict jacket was located at the Campbell Street Gaol in Hobart. It would have been warn by a member of chain gang - a group of convicts who worked outdoors building roads or other manual labour. This type of jacket was only issued to doubly convicted criminals.

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