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The Gregg Collection comprises one convict leather side cap. The cap was originally purchased in an auction of excess army and penal system stock during the 1940s in Tasmania. The convict cap has not been worn but is a good representation of the type issued to convicts from the 1830s.

More than 160,000 convicts were transported to Australian colonies from 1788 to 1868. These convicts helped to establish the colonies through public works and private land holdings. From the 1790s various forms of convict uniform were issued in attempts to distinguish convicts from free settlers. Convict men wore similar clothing to Marines, both being marked with the broad arrow British government acceptance stamp. Often the arrow was accompanied by initials like BO for Board of Ordnance, WD for War Department or C&M for clothing munitions supplies.

Few objects remain from the convict period. The convict leather side cap complements other convict objects in the National Museum of Australia's collection, including the convict jacket (Sotheby collection no. 1) and the convict love tokens (Timothy Millet).

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