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Adsteam collection

The Museum's Adsteam collection includes several hundred objects relating to the Adelaide Steamship Company between 1875 and 2000. Items include ship fittings, furnishings and badged crockery and cutlery, tickets, brochures, ships plans and passes, models and paintings of ships from the line, documents, wage books, ledgers, uniforms and furnishing from the company's offices.
Coverage: South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; 1875 - 2000
12 Dec 2012

Binnacle collection

This collection comprises forty-eight objects including complete binnacles and parts such as compasses, covers or bases. Binnacles are principally made of timber and brass because those materials do not affect the compass. However, one florid 19th century binnacle is made of cast iron and later examples from the 20th century have aluminium covers. Two are attached to the Museum's vessels but most have been kept from vessels that have been broken up.
Coverage: South Australia; 1883 - 1960
30 May 2012

Bond Studios - Glass Negatives Collection

This collection comprises 1,500 glass negatives from Bond Studios in Port Adelaide. AE Bond was listed as a photographer in Commercial Road, Port Adelaide from 1901, although state collections include photographs credited to Bond that date back to 1867. The negatives are studio portraits of generations of Portonians. They capture individual rites of passage such as weddings, graduations, debuts, birthdays, and soldiers and sailors departing for war. Most of the negatives are labeled with surnames so it is possible to identify the subjects with further research.
Coverage: South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; 1900 - 1940
12 Dec 2012
MM 6

Burning Pipe Collection

The Buring pipe collection consists of approximately 200 pieces dating from the 1850s to 1980. It includes a wide variety of pipes and smoking related items, ranging from the small and simple to the large and very ornate.
Coverage: South Australia; Australia; 1850 - 1980
12 Dec 2012

Classic Vehicles collection

This collection includes a wide variety of post Second World War vehicles from British, American and Australian manufacturers. This was the age of the family car, when car ownership increased significantly, and many families acquired a second car.
Coverage: Britain; United States of America; Australia; 1941 - 1985
30 May 2012
NMM 10

Commercial Vehicle Collection

A collection of motor vehicles, either specifically designed for or adapted for use in a commercial capacity. This collection has been donated to the National Motor Museum by various companies, individuals and government departments.
Coverage: Australia; South Australia; 1904 - 1960
30 May 2012
MM 9

Communty Banners Collection

The Community Banners collection currently consists of 42 banners made by South Australia's culturally diverse communities between 1985 and 2009.
Coverage: Australia; South Australia; 1986 - 1986
12 Dec 2012
MM 5

Dame Roma Mitchell collection

The Migration Museum's extensive costume collection features clothing and accessories bequeathed by the late Dame Roma Mitchell. Highlights include a Chinese costume given to one of Dame Roma's aunts aged 13-14 while she was living in Darwin, and lace sent to her mother Maude (nee Wickham) by her father Harold from France during the First World War (he was killed in action in 1918). The bequest also includes photos of Dame Roma wearing the clothing she donated, e.g. the hats she wore at her swearing in as Governor (1991) and unveiling of her statue on North Terrace, Adelaide (1999).
Coverage: Australia; South Australia; 1913 - 2000
12 Dec 2012
NMM 14

Eddie Perkins Collection

The Eddie Perkins Collection represents the prizes that were won by Eddie Perkins during his motor racing days of the 1950s and 1960s, especially the Around Australia Reliability Trials. It includes an extensive collection of silverware and some ephemera, as well as the suit Perkins wore and the dress worn by his wife at the presentation ceremony for his 1956 Reliability Trials win.
Coverage: Cowangie; Victoria; 1950 - 1969
30 May 2012


This small but highly significant collection relates to European exploration of the Australian, particularly South Australian, coastline from the seventeenth to mid nineteenth century. The collection includes artefacts retrieved from Dutch trading vessels shipwrecked off Australia's south west coast in 1656. It's most iconic objects are those linked to the voyages of British explorer Matthew Flinders and French commander Nicolas Baudin, whose expeditions both charted the South Australian coastline in 1802.
Coverage: South Australia; Encounter Bay; France; Britain; 1650 - 1850
12 Dec 2012
MM 1

Fan collection

The Migration Museum holds approximately 50 hand-held fans of varying quality, aesthetic beauty and provenance. The majority are ornamental folding fans designed to be closed when not in use. Some are believed to have been brought to South Australia from Europe in the early days of the colony. The 'oriental' history of fans is represented by those formerly stocked by the China Gift Store on Rundle Street, Adelaide (owned by the Sym Choon family). The collection also includes a couple of paper promotional and commemorative fans issued by John Martin's Department Store.
Coverage: China Gift Store, Rundle Street, Adelaide; South Australia; Australia; John Martin's Department Store, Adelaide; 1735 - 1945
12 Dec 2012

Frank Hurley photographic collection

This sub-collection of the South Australian Government Photographic Collection (c.1890-1957) comprises 288 photographs taken by James Francis (Frank) Hurley in 1935. They depict aspects of South Australia and Central Australia.
Coverage: South Australia; Northern Territory; Australia; 1935 - 1935
30 May 2012

George Brooks Library and Collection

This significant collection of motoring-related books was the undertaking of Australian motoring historian George Brooks. It comprises books, handbooks, manuals and periodicals.
Coverage: England; Australia; Europe; 1935 - 2010
30 May 2012
MM 7

Giordano Collection

The Migration Museum holds over 60 items, mostly documents, relating to the personal life, internment, career and community works of Antonio Giordano. The collection includes a copy of Giordano's birth certificate, the original issued in Naples, Italy, 1907.
Coverage: Loveday, South Australia; Australia; Orange, NSW; South Australia; Hay, NSW; Italy; 1907 - 1984
12 Dec 2012
NMM 13

Hauschild collection of model cars

The Hauschild Collection of model cars comprises 109 model cars, predominantly Corgi models, accompanied by original boxes. The private collection was donated to the National Motor Museum by Eric Hauschild's daughter.
Coverage: South Australia; Adelaide
30 May 2012
MM 10

Historical Relics Collection

A collection of nearly 1,400 objects related to the foundation and settlement of the British colony of South Australia.
Coverage: South Australia; Australia; 1836 - 1986
12 Dec 2012

HMCS Protector collection

The collection of personal memorabilia and official material captures the history of South Australia's colonial naval vessel HMCS Protector between 1884 and 1950. The collection comprises more than 90 artefacts relating to the history of this specific vessel including paintings, photographs, documents, and personal mementos.
Coverage: South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; China; 1884 - 1950
12 Dec 2012
MM 4

Identity Documents

The Migration Museum holds a substantial collection of documents that record migrants' 'vital statistics', such as date and place of birth, age, nationality, sex, marriage, parentage, children, profession, and date of death. These are primarily government-issued papers, such as birth, death and marriage certificates, passports, movement permits/passes, naturalisation or citizenship certificates, exemption certificates and documents generated through health checks, such as immunisation certificates. Records relating to recognition of overseas qualifications, licenses and employment, such as curricula vitae/résumés, degrees and reference letters, and military-related identity documents, such as enlistment forms, service records and discharge certificates, also feature in the collection.
Coverage: International; 1800 - 1899
12 Dec 2012
MM 11

John McDouall Stuart Collection

A sub-collection of the Historical Relics Collection, these objects all relate to the explorer John McDouall Stuart or to those that accompanied him on his six expeditions. The collection ranges from personal items, such as a scarf ring and smoking cap, through to exploration equipment, pieces of trees, a pocket book and fire arms. There are just under 50 objects in this collection.
Coverage: South Australia; Australia; 1840 - 1890
12 Dec 2012
MM 3

Jubilee 150 Collection

This collection constitutes approximately 200 items relating to the sesquicentenary (150th anniversary) of European settlement of South Australia in 1986 (known as Jubilee 150 or J150).  The core of the collection is the original and reproduction costumes and accessories used in the popular social history exhibition Those Were The Days. The exhibition was a project of the Women's Executive Committee and held in John Martin's Department Store in Adelaide.  The remainder of the collection is mainly souvenirs featuring the J150 logo and 'J.W.' the wombat, the J150 mascot.
Coverage: Australia; South Australia; John Martin's Department Store, Adelaide; 1986 - 1986
12 Dec 2012
MM 8

Kiss Family Collection

The Migration Museum holds roughly 15 personal items and an additional collection of photographs, relating to Anna and Kalman Kiss. The collection was donated by their foster daughter Anna DeBono.
Coverage: Hungary; South Australia; Australia; 1940 - 1999
12 Dec 2012

Lightburn Collection

This extensive collection of papers and drawings come from the corporate archive of the Adelaide based Lightburn Manufacturing Company, which manufactured the Zeta motor car in the 1960s.
Coverage: South Australia; England; Adelaide; 1955 - 1966
30 May 2012

Lighthouse collection

The collection of material related to South Australia's lighthouses includes a prefabricated iron plate lighthouse, lanterns and equipment as well as approximately 250 photographs. The collection documents navigational aids in South Australia from the mid nineteenth century until the late twentieth century, with a particular focus on the history of the Port Adelaide (later South Neptune Island) lighthouse.
Coverage: Spencer Gulf; Semaphore; South Neptune Island; South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; Wonga Shoal; 1867 - 1984
12 Dec 2012

Map collection

This collection comprises maps of Australia's ever expanding road network, produced by specialist Australian publishers and fuel companies . It includes early metropolitan road maps, interstate touring maps and street directories.
Coverage: Australia; 1915 - 2000
30 May 2012
NMM 12

Motorcycle Collection

This collection reflects the development of the motorcycle, and the preferences of Australian riders.
Coverage: United States of America; Japan; Britain; Australia; 1907 - 2000
30 May 2012

Motoring Brochures and Advertising Collection

This extensive collection of motor vehicle sales brochures and advertising ephemera showcases many of the vehicles that have been offered for sale in Australia.
Coverage: Australia; International; 1905 - 2010
30 May 2012

National Flower Day photographic collection

This sub-collection of the South Australian Government Photographic Collection (c.1890-1957) includes 100 images of National Flower Day, held annually in South Australia between 1938 and 1975.
Coverage: Australia; Adelaide, South Australia; 1938 - 1949
30 May 2012

Nautical instrument collection

This collection comprises approximately forty nautical instruments dating from 1800 - 1960s. The instruments were used for navigating and charting at sea and include compasses, sextants, quadrants, octants, chronometers, parallel rules, marine protractors, binoculars, telescopes and station pointers.
Coverage: London; South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; United Kingdom; 1800 - 1969
12 Dec 2012

Norm Mitchell Cartoon collection

This collection of over 200 cartoons are the original pen and ink sketches drawn by cartoonist Norm Mitchell during his tenure with the Adelaide paper The News between 1965 and 1980.
Coverage: South Australia; 1965 - 1980
30 May 2012

Port Adelaide Nautical Museum collection

This large collection of over 500 items ranges across many material types from ship models, navigation instruments, souvenirs, sea chests, personal belongings, paintings and photographs. Most of these were donated to the Port Adelaide Institute, later the Port Adelaide Nautical Museum, by seafarers who passed through Port Adelaide during the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Coverage: South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; 1817 - 1986
12 Dec 2012
MM 13

Queen Adelaide Collection

A collection of 25 objects relating to Queen Adelaide. Most of the objects are a sub-collection of the Historical Relics collection and many were donated to that collection by Queen Mary (wife of George V) in 1945.
Coverage: South Australia; Australia; 1828 - 1945
12 Dec 2012
MM 14

Refugees Collection

The Migration Museum holds a significant collection of objects relating to refugees. The bulk of this collection relates to Displaced Persons who migrated to South Australia after the Second World War.
Coverage: South Australia; Australia; 1795 - 1905
12 Dec 2012

Royal Adelaide Show photographic collection

This sub-collection of the South Australian Government Photographic Collection (c.1890-1957) comprises 176 images of the Royal Adelaide Show, spanning the period 1897 to 1945.
Coverage: Adelaide, South Australia; Australia; 1897 - 1948
30 May 2012
NMM 15

Shell Oil Company Collection

The Shell Collection (donated by Shell Australia to the National Motor Museum in 2009) includes 23 examples of petroleana documenting the history of the Shell Motor Company in Australia. This collection includes examples of collectibles such as petrol cans and tin signs.
Coverage: Australia; 1915 - 1987
30 May 2012

Ship figureheads

This collection of seventeen ship's figureheads originally adorned the bows of sailing vessels that visited Australian waters between 1836 and 1940.
Coverage: Canada; Port Willunga; South Australia; Port Adelaide; France; United Kingdom; 1836 - 1940
12 Dec 2012

Ship model collection

This collection comprises over 180 ship models including builders' half models, sailor-made models, shipping agency models, construction models, working models, exhibition models, and model ships in bottles. The collection, which includes contemporary models, dates from the mid-nineteenth century.
Coverage: South Australia, Australia; 1844 - 1990
12 Dec 2012

Ship portraits

The Museum holds an extensive collection of ship portraits in oil, watercolour, pen and ink, and pencil. Most are by South Australian marine artists and capture the ships and ketches that worked in local waters. The collection includes over forty nineteenth century ship portraits, many by notable local marine artists such as George Bourne, Frederick Dawson, and George Frederick Gregory. Twentieth century artists represented in the collection include Harold Dalton Hall and Port Adelaide based artist, Charles Henry Moore. Most of these works were transferred to the Museum from the Port Adelaide Nautical Museum, an institution with origins that stem back to 1872.
Coverage: South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; 1840 - 2000
12 Dec 2012

Shipwreck collection

This collection of over 300 pieces of shipwreck material includes ship fittings, cargo, crockery, personal possessions, coins, furniture, medals and figureheads from shipwreck sites. It dates from mid-seventeenth century Dutch shipwrecks on Australia's coastline to more recent wrecks in the 1960s.
Coverage: Netherlands; South Australia, Australia; 1650 - 1960
12 Dec 2012

South Australian Centenary Celebrations photographic collection

This sub-collection of the South Australian Government Photographic Collection (c.1890-1957) comprises 245 images of South Australia’s 1936 Centenary celebrations.
Coverage: Adelaide, South Australia; Australia; 1936 - 1936
30 May 2012

South Australian Government Photographic Collection (c.1890-1957)

The South Australian Government Photographic Collection (c.1890-1957) consists of 14,000 images. A small number of images in the collection predate 1890. These are generally reproductions of earlier line drawings rather than contemporary photographs. The images were produced by the Department of Lands who was responsible for the official photographic record of South Australia at that time.
Coverage: Australia; South Australia; 1885 - 1957
30 May 2012

South Australian Railways collection

The South Australian Railways Collection consists of 30 rolling stock and over 130 objects relating to the transport of people and freight by train in South Australia between 1886-1978.
Coverage: Adelaide; South Australia; 1886 - 1978
30 May 2012
MM 15

State Weapons Collection

The Migration Museum manages the State Weapons Collection on behalf of History SA. It has been built up by donations and purchases over many years and is a melding of collections previously held by earlier government departments.
Coverage: South Australia; Australia; 1600 - 1699
12 Dec 2012
MM 12

Surveying Collection

A collection of objects related to the surveying of South Australia and to the surveyors who worked here during the 19th century. Many of these objects form a sub-collection of the Historical Relics Collection.
Coverage: Australia; South Australia; 1795 - 1805
12 Dec 2012
NMM 11

Technical Motoring Collection

The National Motor Museum's technical motoring collection comprises examples of various vehicle components.
Coverage: Australia; 1895 - 2010
30 May 2012

The Grain Trade: windjammers and Cape Horners

The collection includes personal papers and memorabilia, diaries, sailors' crafts, ship portraits, and ship models covering one hundred years from 1850 to 1950. The collection also includes original photographs documenting life on board Pamir and Passat in 1949 and memorabilia from the now defunct South Australian Cape Horner's associations including Cape Horners' uniforms, penants, badges, publications, and film footage and voyage souvenirs.
Coverage: Yorke Peninsula; Aland Islands; Finland; South Australia; Port Adelaide; Cape Horn; 1850 - 1950
12 Dec 2012

The Mosquito Fleet - South Australia's ketches

The collection includes hundreds of objects connected with the ketch trade in South Australia and individual ketches that worked out of Port Adelaide between 1850 and 1990.
Coverage: Yorke Peninsula; Port Adelaide, South Australia; South Australia; 1850 - 1990
12 Dec 2012

The Port Adelaide Collection

The Museum holds thousands of items that help document the history of Port Adelaide from its inception in 1836 to the current day. The collection comes from maritime enthusiast and collector Keith Le Leu, the Port Adelaide Historical Society, the Port Adelaide Nautical Museum and private donors whose families lived and worked in the Port.
Coverage: Port Adelaide, South Australia; South Australia; 1836 - 2010
12 Dec 2012

Tin Sign collection

A collection of tin signs advertising various motoring-related products. Tin signs comprise a steel sheet which is usually stamped to create embossed lettering and/or an image, then coated with a vitreous enamel finish in a variety of colours. These signs advertised a variety of motoring related items and accessories, including petrol, tyres, sparkplugs etc.
Coverage: Australia; 1905 - 1965
30 May 2012

Toy collection

A collection of toys dating from the 1800s to the current day, supplemented by photographic material including early twentieth century portraits of children and their toys.
Coverage: South Australia; Adelaide; Australia
30 May 2012
MM 2

Underwear Collection

The Migration Museum's extensive costume collection features many items of underwear, mainly for women. The collection consists of everyday underwear as well as that worn for special occasions and medical treatment. The collection includes corsets, knickers, crinolines, combinations, stockings, camisoles, girdles, and petticoats. The strength of the collection is its 19th century garments; however, it also includes a selection of key pieces from the early to mid-20th century.
Coverage: South Australia; Australia; 1845 - 1979
12 Dec 2012

Vehicles Made in South Australia

This collection comprises a variety of South Australian-made cars, motorcycles and components and spans over 100 years of motoring in South Australia. Donated largely by various companies and individuals, these vehicles were all manufactured and/or assembled in South Australia. The collection includes the earliest example of a steam powered vehicle manufactured in South Australia (the 1899 Shearer steam carriage), right up to a 2008 Mitsubishi 380 (one of the last off the assembly line at Tonsley Park before the plant closed).
Coverage: Adelaide; 1899 - 2009
30 May 2012

Vessels collection

The vessels collection comprises 25 large and small vessels linked to South Australia's maritime history. The vessels date from the late 1800s until as recent as 2000.
Coverage: South Australia.; Port Adelaide, South Australia; 1870 - 2000
12 Dec 2012

Veteran Vehicles collection

This collection takes its definition from The Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) which defines 'Veteran vehicles' as those built between 1905 and 1918 anywhere in the world. The National Motor Museum has collected a number of pre-1918 Vehicles, primarily through the generosity of local Australian donors.
Coverage: Australia; 1905 - 1918
30 May 2012

Vintage Vehicles collection

This collection takes its definition from the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) which defines 'Vintage vehicles' as those built between 1919 and 1930 anywhere in the world. The Museum's permanent collection contains a variety of cars and motorcycles.
Coverage: Australia; 1919 - 1930
30 May 2012

William Russell sailmakers' collection

The collection comprises four hundred items of general shipping equipment, mainly associated with ships chandlery, and almost two hundred sailmaking tools and pieces of machinery from the William Russell sailmakers collection. The collection dates from the early 1800s until the close of the William Russell sailmakers loft in 1985.
Coverage: South Australia; Port Adelaide, South Australia; 1800 - 1985
30 May 2012