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This extensive collection of motor vehicle sales brochures and advertising ephemera showcases many of the vehicles that have been offered for sale in Australia.

This collection documents how from the earliest days of motoring, car companies have sought to maximise their market share through the creation of advertising materials. Brochures present technical details of vehicles, but also endeavour to lure the purchaser by showing images that would suggest a particular kind of lifestyle that might accompany the purchase of the vehicle. Early brochures in the collection demonstrate this with artist's renderings creating the 'right image' of the vehicle which often deviated from the actual look of the vehicle. The collection illustrates twentieth century shifts in motor vehicle advertising, ultimately tracing the development of print technology and the move towards glossy image oriented motor vehicle advertising materials.

A National Motor Museum collection. Access to collection items held in Museum Stores is by appointment only.


Advertisements; Marketing; Road vehicles

Advertising; Graphic Arts; Marketing; Motorcars

Advertising leaflets; Advertising pamphlets; Motor cars


National Motor Museum, South Australia

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