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The National Motor Museum's technical motoring collection comprises examples of various vehicle components.

These items have been retained within this specific collection as a reflection of the technical development of the motor vehicle. Many of these items are associated with the technical development of the motor vehicle i.e. engines, and its peripherals i.e. lighting. All items in this collection contribute to a greater understanding of how many technical developments have occurred in parallel, and in many instances, in isolation from one another but have been brought to together by insightful individuals or companies in order for the motor vehicle itself to develop. A further area of collection are those peripheral items related to the motorcar which have been produced in order to make motoring easier for the motorist, such as luggage holders etc.

A National Motor Museum collection. Access to collection items held in Museum Stores is by appointment only.


Cars; Motor vehicle engines; Motor vehicle parts

Cars; Road vehicles

Motor car accessories; Motor car components; Motor car engines; Motor cars; Motor vehicle engines; Motorcycle accessories; Motorcycle components; Vehicle components

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National Motor Museum, South Australia

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