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This collection reflects the development of the motorcycle, and the preferences of Australian riders.

The motorcycle was one of the first petrol driven vehicles which allowed public access to mass produced transportation. Developed in a number of countries, motorcycles grew out of the bicycle manufacturing business. Because of its basis in this industry, which was already attuned to mass production, motorcycles were relatively affordable compared with a motorcar prior to the Second World War. Indeed, motorcycles with side cars were common family transportation. [np] There are many examples of British bikes in the collection - such as AJS and Royal Enfield, reflecting their dominance in the Australian market. However there are examples of other motorcycles from the USA and Europe which reflect the wide background of the Australia motorcycle market. [np] The collection also contains a cross-section of early Japanese motorcycles showing their progression from a manufacturer of cheap commuter type motorcycles through to high specification racing machines. [np] A small section of the collection is devoted to Australian built motorcycles; the size of this section of the collection reflects the relatively small status of Australian motorcycle manufacturing.

A National Motor Museum collection. Access to collection items held in Museum Stores is by appointment only.


C1912 - 2000; Manufacturing; Motorcycles; Motorcycling

Motorbikes; Road vehicles



National Motor Museum, South Australia

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United States of America; Japan; Britain; Australia

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