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This significant collection of motoring-related books was the undertaking of Australian motoring historian George Brooks. It comprises books, handbooks, manuals and periodicals.

A professional engineer by trade, George Brooks has a lifelong love of motoring, and in particular motoring of the Edwardian era. The collection reflects a broad cross-section of Brooks' interests and contains many books contemporary to his involvement in vintage and veteran motoring, as well as his extensive interests in British and European motor manufacturers. [np] The collection has been complimented by books collected by the National Motor Museum itself. Amongst these is a collection of motorcar and motorcycle repair manuals and owners handbooks published by various motor vehicle manufacturers. Also held within the library is an extensive collection of motoring magazines, including motorcycling magazines, many of which contain contemporary accounts of road tests for the then new vehicles, published to aid the prospective purchaser.

A National Motor Museum collection. Access to collection items held in Museum Stores is by appointment only.


Cars; Handbooks

Cars; Collecting; Road vehicles; Written texts

Edwardian Motoring; Manuals; Motor Books; Veteran; Vintage

George Brooks; National Motor Museum, South Australia

Motor cars

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