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The Hauschild Collection of model cars comprises 109 model cars, predominantly Corgi models, accompanied by original boxes. The private collection was donated to the National Motor Museum by Eric Hauschild's daughter.

Toy and model cars have had significant appeal to both children and serious collectors. This collection represents the passion of one man, Eric Hauschild (1921-1997). The first car in the collection - an Australian made Micro Models car - was purchased in 1952. Micro Models produced a number of Australian cars in scale model, but when production ceased in 1961, Hauschild turned his attention to Corgi model cars. Corgi toys earned the tag 'the ones with the windows' for their clear plastic windscreens and windows. The company had a policy of constant innovation; in 1959 spring suspension was introduced; in 1961 models included jewelled headlamps, opening hoods and contoured wheel hubs; in 1962 they were available with fingertip steering and optic fibre lights, and in 1964, working windscreen wipers were a feature.

A National Motor Museum collection. Access to collection items held in Museum Stores is by appointment only.


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