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Barry Martin diving collection

A collection of over 100 objects related to commercial diving, including helmets and full dress for underwater work, communications, early SCUBA equipment and early underwater housing for a camera, originally belonging to Barry Martin Diving services of Fremantle, Western Australia.
Coverage: Australia; Western Australia
30 May 2012

Indigenous Australian and Indonesian Batik Textile Collection

This collection features batik textiles produced during the 20th century by Australian Indigenous artists from Utopia, Ernabella and Tiwi islands. It also features an extensive range of early 20th century batik in classic styles, predominantly from Java, Indonesia including classic styles of Pekolongan, Ceribon, Indramayu, Tuban, Yogyakarta and Solo batik. The collection also includes batik tools and a series of works-in-progress documenting the batik process. Additional examples of batik textiles from Jambi, Sumatra are also included.
Coverage: Java, Indonesia; Sumatra, Indonesia; Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Utopia, Northern Territory, Australia; Ernabella, Northern Territory, Australia; Tiwi Islands,Northern Territory, Australia; Bathurst Island,Northern Territory, Australia; Melville Island,Northern Territory, Australia; Jambi, Indonesia
30 May 2012

Indonesian watercraft collection - boats

Six Indonesian boats (four different types) and associated objects that make up part of the Indonesian watercraft collection which include more than a dozen or more dugout and outrigger canoes. These boats can be classified in the Indonesian language as perahu golekan, perahu branjang, perahu lambo and perahu padewakang.
Coverage: Australia; Indonesia; 1940 - 1980
30 May 2012

Monsoon Traders Collection

This collection features a diverse range of water craft, material culture and art that documents the history of monsoon trade and the history of contact between Indigenous Australians and maritime traders in the region of north Australia and nearby insular Southeast Asia.
Coverage: Port Essington, Northern Territory, Australia; Raffles Bay, Northern Territory, Australia; South Sulawesi,Indonesia
30 May 2012

Port Keats bark paintings

A significant collection of 64 bark paintings and paintings on board from Port Keats/ Wadeye. The paintings were collected by George Chaloupka (1956-58), NT Welfare Officers (mid 1960s -1974), Helen Groger-Wurm (1966, 1969) and Frank Norten (1967).
Coverage: Port Keats, Northern Territory, Australia; Wadeye, Northern Territory, Australia; 1956 - 1969
30 May 2012

Rex Battarbee collection

The Rex Battarbee collection contains watercolour paintings, poker worked and painted wooden objects, sketch books by Rex Battarbee and by Aboriginal children from Hermannsburg school, oil portraits and a sketch of Rex Battarbee as well as a terracotta mask of Albert Namtjira's face.
Coverage: Central Australia; Ntaria, Northern Territory, Australia; Hermannsburg, Northern Territory, Australia; Western Macdonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, Australia; 1925 - 1969
30 May 2012

Telstra collection

The Telstra collection is an extensive collection of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art including many interstate as well as Northern Territory artists.
Coverage: Torres Strait Islands, Northern Territory, Australia; 1992 - 2005
30 May 2012

The "We of the Never Never" Wardrobe Collection

The "We of the Never Never" wardrobe collection comprises 16 costumes and associated accessories created for the film production of "We of the Never Never" in 1981. The collection was donated to the MAGNT in July 1981 by Adams Packer Film Productions. The movie, based on the novel of the same name by Mrs Aeneas (Jeannie) Gunn, was filmed on location at Mataranka and Elsey Station in the Northern Territory.
Coverage: Mataranka, Northern Territory, Australia; Elsey Station, Northern Territory, Australia; 1981 - 1981
30 May 2012

The Bell Collection

The collection comprises an arms and armour collection, consisting of 103 muskets and rifles, 128 revolvers and pistols, 91 swords and bayonets, and an extensive collection of World War II militaria including medals, badges, assorted uniforms, helmets and accoutrements.
Coverage: Northern Territory, Germany, United Kingdom, Port Essington; 1700 - 1959
30 May 2012

The Margaret Widdup Collection

The Margaret Widdup Collection, acquired by MAGNT in 1981, comprises approximately 200 objects that represent the lifestyle of the Goodman family who moved from England in the early 1880s to Australia's most northerly regions. The family was involved in the pearl shell industry and the most interesting elements of the collection revolve around pearl shell jewellery and trinkets.
Coverage: Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia; Palmerston, Northern Territory, Australia; Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia; Charles Point,Northern Territory, Australia; Cox Peninsula,Northern Territory, Australia; 1880 - 1910
30 May 2012

The Todd Collection

The Todd Collection, which numbers 45 items and incorporates the Bradshaw Collection, includes a range of items most of which are directly related to Sir Charles Todd and Thomas Bradshaw. The material relates to one of the most significant events in the history of Australia, the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line and the subsequent management of one of its major sites, the Alice Springs Telegraph Station.
Coverage: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia; 1899 - 1908
30 May 2012

Timor Collection

This collection features a diverse range of art, craft and material culture from Timor-Leste and West Timor, Indonesia. A range of hand crafted terracotta ceramics, hand-woven textiles, wooden carved ancestral figurines and architectural elements such as doors and roof finials contribute to this collection.
Coverage: Timor; Indonesia; West Timor; Timor-Leste; 1970 - 2011
30 May 2012

Tiwi collection

The Tiwi collection is an extensive collection of Aboriginal art and material culture from the Bathurst and Melville Islands. It comprises over 1200 objects including bark paintings, acrylic paintings and prints, wooden and terracotta sculptures, wooden implements, ceremonial objects, adornments, and sets of pukumani burial poles.
Coverage: Australia, Melville Island, Bathurst Island, Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory; 1960 - 1969
30 May 2012

Tujuan collection

An Indonesian perahu lambo trading/fishing boat built c.1940 from Bonerate, Indonesia. Together with the vessel is a collection of over 480 objects relating to and collected from onboard the vessel when it was acquired.
Coverage: Australia; Indonesia; Bonerate.; 1940 - 1949
30 May 2012

William Chapman diving collection

A collection of over 116 objects related to commercial diving, including an Australian heavy weight diving helmet made by Robison Bros, Melbourne, full dress for underwater work, communications, early SCUBA equipment, wetsuits and oxygen re-breather and a good collection of under garments for standard dress, and a good collection of diving reference books.30 May 2012