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Six Indonesian boats (four different types) and associated objects that make up part of the Indonesian watercraft collection which include more than a dozen or more dugout and outrigger canoes. These boats can be classified in the Indonesian language as perahu golekan, perahu branjang, perahu lambo and perahu padewakang.

Objects associated with these vessels in the collection include sails, dugout canoes (lipa), objects related to fishing technology (long line for shark fishing, shark rattles, shark hooks, harpoon, wooden fishing reels), wood working/boat building tools (adze, parang etc.), paddles and miscellaneous accoutrements necessary to the workings of an Indonesian fishing and trading vessel.


1940s-1980s; Badjau Badjao; Badjaw; Bajau; Bajo; Bugis; Butonese; Dried fish.; Indonesian fishing boats; Indonesian trading vessel; Indonesian traditional boats; Macassans; Mackassans; Makassar; Perahu branjang; Perahu golekan; Perahu lambo; Perahu padewakang; Prahu; Prau; Proa; Shark fin; Trepang; Trochus

Canoes; Watercraft

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