Indigenous Australian and Indonesian Batik Textile Collection



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This collection features batik textiles produced during the 20th century by Australian Indigenous artists from Utopia, Ernabella and Tiwi islands. It also features an extensive range of early 20th century batik in classic styles, predominantly from Java, Indonesia including classic styles of Pekolongan, Ceribon, Indramayu, Tuban, Yogyakarta and Solo batik. The collection also includes batik tools and a series of works-in-progress documenting the batik process. Additional examples of batik textiles from Jambi, Sumatra are also included.


Agus Ismoyo; Amri Yahya; Bima Sakti Batik Studio of Giriloyo; Brahma Tirta Sari Studio; Caroline Rika; Irwan Tirta; Nia Fliam

Bathurst Island batik; Batik; Batik process; Ceribon batik; Ernabella batik; Hand-painted batik (batik tulis); Indramayu batik; Javanese batik; Melville Island batik; Pekolongan batik; Stamp batik (batik cap); Textiles; Tiwi Islands batik; Tuba batik; Utopia batik; Yogyakarta batik and Solo batik

Batik equipment; Textiles


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Java, Indonesia; Sumatra, Indonesia; Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Utopia, Northern Territory, Australia; Ernabella, Northern Territory, Australia; Tiwi Islands,Northern Territory, Australia; Bathurst Island,Northern Territory, Australia; Melville Island,Northern Territory, Australia; Jambi, Indonesia

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