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The Tiwi collection is an extensive collection of Aboriginal art and material culture from the Bathurst and Melville Islands. It comprises over 1200 objects including bark paintings, acrylic paintings and prints, wooden and terracotta sculptures, wooden implements, ceremonial objects, adornments, and sets of pukumani burial poles.

This collection incorporates many fibre works including a large number of armbands, some head dresses and a variety of baskets. A great range of wooden carvings, wooden implements (clubs, spears) and wooden burial poles in full size and miniature form are also part of the collection. A majority of the collection was assembled in the mid 1960s including the magnificent works from the Sandra Holmes Tiwi collection and the Groger-Wurm collection


1960s; Australian Aboriginal Art; Bark painting; Body adornments; Decorative arts; Fibre art; Painting; Print; Sculpture; Textiles

Armbands; Bark paintings; Carvings; Sculptures; Weapons

Helen Groger-Wurm; Sandra Holms

Indigenous Australian peoples

Coverage Spatial

Australia, Melville Island, Bathurst Island, Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory

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