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The Telstra collection is an extensive collection of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art including many interstate as well as Northern Territory artists.

In 1992 Telstra became the principle sponsor of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA), originally founded by the Museum and Art Gallery of the Nothern Territory in 1984. From 1992 to 2005 the MAGNT acquired the winning works which part of the Telstra collection. Telstra is continuing its support of the MAGNT collection through yearly acquisitions for the Telstra collection.


Artworks; Bark painting; Paintings; Textiles

Australian Aboriginal Art; Bark painting; Contemporary Australian art; Decorative arts; Fibre art; Painting; Photograph; Print; Sculpture; Textiles

Indigenous Australian peoples

Museum and Art Gallery of the Nothern Territory; Telstra

Coverage Spatial

Torres Strait Islands, Northern Territory, Australia

Coverage Temporal



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