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Aircraft models

From its inception in the 1880s the Powerhouse Museum has collected ship, mechanical, medical and railway models. After the invention of aeroplanes, aircraft models were added to this list. This collection includes a large number of models of different aircraft such as models of aircraft used during both World Wars, examples of early flight technology, models of aircraft used by famous aviators such as Nancy Bird Walton and more modern passanger aircraft such as a Qantas 747. The models range in date from approximately 1920s to the 1990s. Aircraft engine models also feature in the Powerhouse's collection
Coverage: Australia; 1925 - 2000
30 May 2012

Allan Bromely Collection

A collection of over 570 objects relating to the history and development of computing and other information technology assembled by Assoc Professor Allan Bromley of Sydney University, comprising calculators, mechanical and electronic analogue computers, computer components, kit computers, education computers, and associated ephemera
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 1700 - 1990
30 May 2012

Anatomical and Botanical Models

A collection of 46 anatomical and botanical models of animals such as bees and silkworms; plants including wheat and lilac and teaching models of human anatomy such as the eye, ear, heart and digestive organs. They include papier-mache models made by Louis Thomas Jérome Auzoux.
Coverage: France; Germany; 1850 - 1900
03 Oct 2012

Annette Kellerman Costume Collection

A collection of costumes, props and memorabilia relating to Annette Kellerman, from 1905 to 1970s.
Coverage: United States of America; 1905 - 1980
30 May 2012

Antiquities collection

The Powerhouse antiquities have been collected since the very earliest days of the Museum's history. They are composed of ceramics, glass and other media spanning the world but with a focus on Britain, Western Asia, and some from China. In the context of a technological museum antiquities were able to show the longevity of techniques as well as stylistic development of decoration and form. Collecting has been mainly opportunistic through gifts and some purchases. Highlight collections include the Colchester Roman-British pottery gift of 1907, the 1938 Guildhall gift of Roman-British antiquities showing daily life in London, a range of pottery from Sir Leonard Woolley's excavations of the 1920s from Ur in Iraq, and eighty glazed Byzantine-style bowls from Mediaeval Cyprus. Individual items include some fine Greek red and black-figure vessels, as well as Italian Etruscan and Gnathian vessels.
Coverage: Great Britain; China; Western Asia; Europe; -1200 - 700
30 May 2012

Arthur Butler Aviation Archive

Archive, aviation, Cecil Arthur Butler / Butler Air Transport, Australia, c. 1910-1973 Archive of personal papers of Arthur Butler (1902-1980) and records of his company Butler Air Transport established in 1934.
Coverage: Australia; 1915 - 1983
30 May 2012

Arthur H Gillot Pty Ltd Transport Archive

An archival collection relating to the Sydney based transport services of Arthur H Gillott Pty Ltd, which included the St Ives Bus Service, Pymble St Ives Hire Cars and Highway Haulage Pty Ltd dating from 1935 to 1998.
Coverage: St Ives, New South Wales; 1935 - 1998
30 May 2012

Australian Design Awards - Powerhouse Museum Collection

The Powerhouse Museum has been building the country's first collection of contemporary product design selected from the prestigious Australian Design Awards. There are approximately 100 design objects in this collection dating from 1992.
Coverage: Australia; 1992
30 May 2012

Australian Dress Register

The Australian Dress Register is an online resource which contains detailed information about particular items of clothing. The garments range from Wedding and ball gowns to day wear, uniforms, nightclothes, children's clothes and fancy dress costumes. Entries contains details about manufacture and hand sewing techniques, place of origin and the history and use of each garment.
Coverage: New South Wales, Australia; 1770 - 1945
30 May 2012

Australian Flora and Fauna in Applied Art

A grouping of over 500 objects which feature designs and motifs of Australian plants and animals. The objects include ceramics, glassware, jewellery, textiles and woodwork. In addition there are designs by Lucien Henry from the unpublished book 'Australian Decorative Arts' and stamped metal panels from the Wunderlich collection. The objects vary from a superbly crafted gold and silver inkstand to mass produced pressed glass dishes and from detailed botanical illustrations on teacups to stylized cutlery. The material dates from the early 1800's to the present day.
Coverage: Australia; 1820
30 May 2012

Automatic Totalisators Limited Archive

Company records of the Automatic Totalisators Limited Company, established in 1917 by George Julius to manufacture, install and operate totalisator systems throughout the world. The archive contains records and photographs dating from between 1919 and 1974. The Museum also holds a model of the totalisator designed by Sir George Julius and some parts and other equpment manufactured by Automatic Totalisators Limited.
Coverage: Australia; 1919 - 1974
30 May 2012

Bamford Family archive re their house at Campbelltown

Archive, domestic construction and furnishing, James and Jean Bamford, Campbelltown, New South Wales, 1957-1962 Papers regarding the Bamfords' construction of their War Service home at Campbelltown, New South Wales, including correspondence, receipts, house plans and specifications.
Coverage: Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia; 1957 - 1962
10 Dec 2013

Bayram Ali photographic archive re Snowy Mountains Scheme

This collection is comprised primarily of processed negative film, prints and slides of work, community and leisure activities engaged in and observed by Snowy Mountains Authority worker Bayram Ali at Adaminaby / Eucumbene Dam, Cabramurra, Canberra, Cooma, Eaglehawk, Jindabyne and various other camp and work sites around Snowy Mountains scheme.
Coverage: Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, Australia; 1953 - 1971
30 May 2012

Beecher-Moore Stocking Collection

A collection of over a hundred pairs of stockings put together between 1978 and 1985 by costume enthusiast Mrs Naona Beecher-Moore.
Coverage: United States of America; Europe; United Kingdom; 1800 - 1985
30 May 2012

Belleek Pottery Collection including archive of Robert William Armstrong.

Archive, pottery manufacture, Robert William Armstrong of Belleek Pottery Ltd, Fermanagh, Ireland, 1860-1882. The papers consist of (-1) nine memoranda books compiled by Armstrong, 1860-1882 containing recipes, the results of trials, and information on materials used in pottery manufacture, (-2) a notebook containing recipes for bodies and glazes by John Taylor and S. Walker, prior to 21 November 1876 and (-3) a price scale of earthenware, white and ivory china, parian, tiles, slabs, etc/ The Belleek Pottery Co Ltd, 1875. The museum also holds a number of objects from the Belleek Pottery including cups and saucers, dishes and jugs.
Coverage: Fermanagh, Northern Ireland; 1860 - 1882
10 Dec 2013

Berlei Underwear Collection and Archive

The Berlei underwear collection contains underwear and corsetry from 1860 to the 1980s. It includes corsets, brassieres, underpants, girdles, stockings, suspender belts, maternity garments, surgical supports and samples.
Coverage: United Kingdom; New Zealand; Australia; 1912 - 1970
30 May 2012

Bill Montgomery Wool Collection

The Bill Montgomery Wool Collection contains more than 5000 samples of wool that were grown in Australia between 1865 and 2000. The earlier samples provide material evidence of cross breeding programs that transformed the short-woolled Saxon Merino of the 18th Century into the much larger, long-woolled Australian Merino of the 19th Century. Information about the breeder, location and date of clip is provided for most samples. Results of Optical Fibre Diameter Analysis (OFDA 2000) are included for 1200 samples. The Collection also includes 147 examples of faults and stains occurring in Australian flocks, 20 pigmented wools and 33 rare and extinct breeds from around the world.
Coverage: Tasmania, Australia; Queensland, Australia; New South Wales, Australia,; Victoria, Australia; New Zealand; 1865 - 2000
30 May 2012

Bob Lucas Australian Cinema Archive

An archival collection relating to Australian cinema, collected by Robert (Bob) Lucas, who was the Chief Technician of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in Australia. The archive dates from 1927 to 1987.
Coverage: Australia; 1927 - 1987
30 May 2012

Bombala Times archive

Archive, newspaper publishing and job printing, Bombala Times, Bombala, New South Wales, 1903-1987
Coverage: Bombala, New South Wales, Australia; 1903 - 1987
30 May 2012

Bruno Benini Archive Collection

The Bruno Benini photography archive was produced and collected over many years by Bruno Benini and his wife, Hazel Benini (nee Craig). It contains commercial and fashion photography taken in Australia and Europe between 1950 and 2001.
Coverage: Europe; Australia; 1950 - 2001
30 May 2012

Buzacott engineering archive

Archive, engineering and manufacturing, Buzacott group of companies (including W.S. Buzacott & Co, Buzacott & Co, Henry Lane (Australia) Ltd, Rosebery Lanolines Pty Ltd, Rosebery Engine Works Ltd, Buzacotts (Queensland) Ltd, Buzacott-Wolseley Ltd, Email Ltd) with personal papers of A E Buzacott and E W Buzacott, Sydney, New South Wales, 1898-1977.
Coverage: Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia; Mackay, Queensland, Australia; Cairns, Queensland, Australia; Townsville, Queensland, Australia; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Roseberry, New South Wales, Australia; 1898 - 1977
30 May 2012

Carl Zeiss and optical glass

A collection of 40 optical instruments manufactured by Zeiss. The instruments include cameras, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes with various accessories and pamphlets.
Coverage: Germany; 1848 - 1890
03 Oct 2012

Cavill Silverware Collection

A collection of silver and EPNS (electroplated nickel silver) tableware, trophies, napkin rings and spoons made and / or used in Australia mostly between the 1890s and 1950s.
Coverage: Australia; 1890 - 1960
30 May 2012

Clyde Engineering Photographic Collection

The Clyde Engineering photographic archive consists of about 3000 images dating from 1895 to 1950, many of which are glass plate negatives. They document the activities and output of the Clyde Engineering Works which was, in its time, the largest engineering enterprise in NSW.
Coverage: Granville, New South Wales, Australia; 1859 - 1950
30 May 2012

Collection of Didactic Displays

This grouping of approximately 100 objects features didactic displays, many of which were originally created for exhibition at the Museum when it's mandate was to support the technical education of young Australians.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 1880 - 2000
10 Dec 2013

Correpondence of Evelyn Owen relating to the Owen sub-machine gun

The correspondence consists of fifty five letters concerning the development and production of the Owen sub-machine gun. Many of the early letters are congratulatory ones; most of the later letters concern royalties paid to Owen and his application for tax exemption. Correspondents include J.B. Chifley (Commonwealth Treasurer), John Curtin (Prime Minister), F.M. Forde (Minister for the Army), J.M. Fraser (Acting Minister for the Army), Percy Spender (Member of the House of Representatives) and H.F.E. Whitlam (Commonwealth Crown Solicitor).
Coverage: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia; 1940 - 1945
30 May 2012

Crown Crystal and Crown Corning Glass Collections and Archive

This collection of over 500 objects and archive contains Australian glass manufactured by Crown Crystal and later the Crown Corning companies for a 60 year period from the end of the first World War to the late 1970s.
Coverage: Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia; 1920 - 1979
10 Dec 2013

Cyril Ruwald Collection

The Cyril Ruwald Collection consists of 1424 architectural plans and drawings including; diazo prints, pencil and ink drawings, blueprints, negative photo-prints, and monochrome photographs
Coverage: New South Wales, Australia; 1880 - 1960
30 May 2012

Dahl and Geoffrey Collings design archive

Dahl and Geoffrey Collings worked as commercial and industrial designers. They played a vital role in introducing Australian industry to modernism. This archive contains examples of the commercial artwork they created while in London 1935-39; Dahl Collings work for the Orient Line 1938-60; Dahl's costume designs for the film 'Eureka Stockade'; examples of their work while in New York 1950-53; and examples of the advertisements and magazine layouts they created in Sydney during the 1940s.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; New York, USA; London, UK; 1933 - 1990
10 Dec 2013

David Mist Archive Collection

Description brief: A large archive created by and relating to the Sydney based commercial photographer David Mist from the 1960s to 1980s.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales , Australia; 1960 - 1990
30 May 2012

Donald Harkness Archive Collection

Personal papers of Donald James Harkness, relating to motor racing and the design of aero engines from 1916 to 1971.
Coverage: New South Wales, Australia; 1916 - 1971
30 May 2012

Douglas Annand Design Archive

Douglas Annand (1903-1976) was one of Australian's most outstanding designers. His major clients included Qantas, David Jones, Mobil, P&O Orient Line, C.S.R., Universities of Melbourne and New South Wales, Bank of Adelaide and Sydney Ure Smith. This collection provides a comprehensive record of Douglas Annand's work over a period of more than forty years with all of the major and most of the lesser commissions and projects included.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 1930 - 1975
10 Dec 2013

Electronic Music Collection

The electronic music collection contains approximately 40 electric and electronic musical instruments from the 1930s to the present day. The collection features the Fairlight Musical Instrument with an archive from Tony Fuse relating the development of Qasar M8 and the Fairlight CMI. The collection also includes an extensive range of studio equipment from composer Don Banks' music studio in Canberra and the Adelaide studio of Tristram Cary
Coverage: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Adelaide, South Australia; 1930 - 2000
30 May 2012

Electronic Swatchbook

This website displays over 1,900 digitised fabric samples taken from five swatchbooks in the Powerhouse Museum collection. The swatchbooks date from 1837 to 1923. They include Japanese brocade, printed silk, block printed wool samples, block and roller printed cotton, paper and leather samples. They cover a broad range of colours, designs and textures.
Coverage: France; Japan; 1837 - 1923
30 May 2012

F. T. Wimble and Co. Ltd. Archive Collection

Records of F T Wimble and Co Ltd, Australian manufacturers of printing ink and distributors of printing machinery, based in Sydney from 1803 to 1994.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 1803 - 1994
10 Dec 2013

Festival Records Collection

A collection of objects relating to and used at Festive Records, the Sydney based recording company. Festival Records was established in 1952 and the objects in this collection date from that time.
Coverage: Australia; 1952 - 2000
30 May 2012

Frank Mitchell Fashion Design Archive

Archive (226 items), newspapers/photographs/labels/magazines, Frank Mitchell, Australia, 1949-1978 The archive of Australian fashion designer Frank Mitchell, comprising of printed material relating to Mitchell's fashion parades (1949-56), theatre programmes (1957-59), correspondence received (1949-63), newspaper and magazine articles (1945-78), photographs (c.1949-78), miscellaneous material (c.1879-1980), and cardboard display sheets (c.1957-58).
Coverage: Australia; 1949 - 1978
30 May 2012

Fred Ward Archive Collection

A design archive created by and relating to the Australian designer Fred Ward, from 1947 to 1988.
Coverage: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 1947 - 1988
30 May 2012

Gene Sherman Collection

A collection of Japanese fashion owned and worn by Gene Sherman from the late 1980s to 2007. It includes outfits by designers such as Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons and the Japanese-Australian designer Akira Isogawa.
Coverage: Japan; Australia; 1985 - 2007
30 May 2012

Gerard Herbst and Prestige Limited Textile Design Archive

Collection of archival material from Prestige Limited, 1940-52, preserved by Gerard Herbst who was the company's Art Director from 1946-56. It includes textile designs, photographs, negatives and transparencies, designs for posters, a video copy of a newsreel on the company and newscuttings. Accompanying the Prestige material are personal papers of Herbst, 1940-1995, including textile designs, posters, certificates and papers concerning his promotion of poster art.
Coverage: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 1940 - 1995
10 Dec 2013

Gillies Collection

The collection consists of over 130 important examples of eighteenth and early nineteenth century English porcelain and decorative art objects collected by the Sydney collector Annie Maria Gillies (Mrs Sinclair Gillies).
Coverage: England, United Kingdom; 1700 - 1900
30 May 2012

Guitar Collection

The Powerhouse Museum’s collection of guitars includes both acoustic and electric instruments made in a variety of countries such as England, France, Spain, the USA and Australia. Of particular interest are the number of nineteenth century guitars represented by makers such as Louis Panormo of London and Johan Georg Staufer of Vienna noted for their innovative and experimental designs. More modern makers are also represented such as Jose Ramirez III or companies such as Dobro, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Epiphone Gretsch and Ibanez.
Coverage: France; Spain; United States of America; Australia; United Kingdom; 1770
30 May 2012

Hedda Morrison Collection

A large archive of Hedda (Hammer) Morrison (1908 - 1991) containing photographs, personal memorabilia and collected objects.
Coverage: Australia; Asia; Germany; China; New Zealand; 1933 - 1991
10 Dec 2013

Historical Letters from Sydney Observatory

This collection comprises ten books containing 4,591 of pages of documents written primarily by the Government Astronomers who founded Sydney Observatory. These men were: William Scott (1825-1917), who held the position from 1858 to 1862; George Robarts Smalley (1822-1870), who held the position from 1864 to 1870; and Henry Chamberlain Russell (1836-1907), who held the position from 1870 to 1905.
Coverage: Observatory Hill, New South Wales, Australia; 1857 - 1902
30 May 2012

Ian Rumsey Australian Textiles Collection

The Ian Rumsey Australian Textiles Collection comprises a representative range of 19th and 20th century Australian embroidery and needlework, including doyleys, milk jug covers, tablecloths, placemats, towels, banners, aprons, samplers, runners and cushion covers, collected by Ian Rumsey over two decades. Mr Rumsey, a private collector, was drawn to embroidery and needlework for its extensive use of Australian flora and fauna and other native motifs, collecting only well-preserved examples, many of which came via the late Nerylla Taunton, an antiques dealer. This collection is made up of two large donations from Mr Rumsey from 1991 and 2010.
Coverage: Australia; 1890 - 1950
30 May 2012

Illustrations of China and Its People by John Thomson

This collection consists of volumns 1 to 4 of the publication, 'Illustrations of China and Its People: A series of Two Hundred Photographs with Letterpress Descriptive of Places and People Represented', by John Thomson FRGS, in four volumes, published by Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle, Chiswick Press, printed by Whittingham and Wilkins, London, England, 1873-1874
Coverage: China; 1869 - 1872
30 May 2012

Jenny Kee Fashion Collection

A collection of clothing, textiles, artwork and archival material relating to Jenny Kee, one of Australia's leading designers, activists and personalities, dating from 1967 to 1995.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 1967 - 1995
30 May 2012

Joseph Box Collection

The Joseph Box collection is an important collection of footwear and shoemaking objects thought to have been initiated by the London shoemaker, Robert Dixon Box, and consolidated by his son, Joseph Box and the Box Kingham family during the second half of the 1800s.
Coverage: Europe; United Kingdom; 1500 - 1920
30 May 2012

Keyboard Collection

The Powerhouse Museum’s keyboard collection is one of the major strengths of the musical instruments collection. The instruments span a period of over 370 years from the Italian virginals made in 1629 through to the Stuart & Sons grand piano made in 1999 and the William Bright harpsichord of 2002.
Coverage: United Kingdom; Australia; Germany; France; Japan; United States of America; Sweden; 1629
30 May 2012

Lawrence Hargrave Archive Collection

A collection of drawings and journals by the aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave, dated between 1865 and 1915.
Coverage: Australia; Papua New Guinea; 1865 - 1915
30 May 2012

Lawrence Hargrave Object Collection

A collection of objects made by or relating to the aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave dated between 1865 and 1915.
Coverage: Papua New Guinea; Australia; 1865 - 1915
30 May 2012

Leslie M Haynes and Janice M Haynes Collection

This collection of earthenware and stoneware pots was made between 1967 and 1974 by Indigenous potters training at the Ceramics Research Unit at Bagot, near Darwin. The unit was under the general direction of Professor L.M. Haynes (1913-2000), Head of the Department of Industrial Arts, University of New South Wales. He collected these pieces together with his wife, Janice M Haynes.
Coverage: Bagot, Northern Territory, Australia; 1967 - 1974
10 Dec 2013

Lores Bonney aviation archive and collection of memorabilia

Personal papers and memorabilia relating to the life of pioneer aviatrix Delores Bonney (1897-1994)
Coverage: Australia; 1918 - 1984
10 Dec 2013

Margaret Lord Archive Collection

The archive of the Sydney based interior designer, Margaret Lord. It includes photographs, diaries, books and publications relating to Lords design work and life dating from 1930 to 1975.
Coverage: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 1930 - 1975
30 May 2012

Max Forbes Design Archive

Archive, industrial and exhibition design, Max Forbes, London/Melbourne, 1948-1989
Coverage: London, United Kingdom; Melbourne, Victoria; 1948 - 1989
30 May 2012

Philips Glass Plate Negative Collection

A collection of 193 glass plate negatives of Sydney and regional New South Wales dating from 1880 to 1920, possibly by Arthur Philips.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales; 1880 - 1920
30 May 2012

Post WWII Chair Collection

A collection of about 200 chairs from the 1940's to the present day. The chairs represent a wide range of styles, manufacturing techniques and materials. Designers include Charles and Ray Eames, Grant Featherston, Gordon Andrews, Douglas Snelling, Marc Newson, Clement Meadmore and many others from Australia, North America and Europe.
Coverage: Europe; United Kingdom; North America; Australia; 1940
10 Dec 2013

Richard Haughton James design archive

An archive of the personal papers of Richard Haughton James commercial artist, industrial designer, advertising executive and painter.
Coverage: Australia; 1930 - 1985
10 Dec 2013

Rousel Studios Archive Collection

An archive documenting the signwriting and other graphic work of Rousel Studios, which also traded as Henry Rousel, Rousel Signs and Rousel Screen Printing in Sydney, New South Wales from 1886 to 1983.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 1886 - 1915
30 May 2012

Rowe Street Archive

From 1891 until the early 1970s Rowe Street, in Sydney's inner city, offered a lively atmosphere of galleries, interior decorating studios, music shops and cafés. This archive, which consists of photographs, letters and interviews, documents the history of the street's commercial occupants.
Coverage: Rowe Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 1891 - 1970
30 May 2012

Roy Wells Totalisator Archive

Archive of Universal Totalisator and Roy Wells, Australia, 1926-1985, inventor of the automatic logarithmic odds calculator.
Coverage: Australia; 1926 - 1985
10 Dec 2013

Shannon Roof Tile Company Archive

Archive, tile and brick manufacturing, Shannons Roof Tile Co, Australia, 1928-1982.
Coverage: Merrylands, New South Wales, Australia; Wentworthville, New South Wales, Australia; Petersham, New South Wales, Australia; 1928 - 1982
30 May 2012

Sheedy Pty Ltd Signwriting Archive

Records of signwriting company Sheedy Pty Ltd of Redfern, which traded from 1908 to 1982
Coverage: Redfern, New South Wales, Australia; 1942 - 1981
30 May 2012

Sidney Warden Archive Collection

The Sidney Warden Archive contains photographs, drawings and journals relating to his designs for Tooth hotels in Sydney and New South Wales from the 1920s to 1950s.
Coverage: New South Wales, Australia; 1920 - 1960
30 May 2012

Speedo Swimwear Collection

A collection of objects from Speedo, the swimwear design company started in Sydney in1929. The collection includes swimwear, accessories, designs, and catalogues dating from the 1930s to the present.
Coverage: Australia; 1930 - 2010
30 May 2012

Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games Collection

A collection of objects from the Olympic and Paralympic Games held in Sydney in 2000, including Australian uniforms and competition clothes, performance costumes from the opening and closing ceremonies, sporting equipment and ephemera.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; 2000 - 2000
30 May 2012

Sydney Observatory Collection

A collection of objects relating to and used at the Sydney Observatory from when the Observatory commenced in 1859 until the 1982. Objects include astronomical equipment, scientific instruments and furniture.
Coverage: Observatory Hill, New South Wales, Australia; 1859 - 1982
10 Dec 2013

The rags: paraphernalia of menstruation collection

A small group of sanitary towels and tampons, pharmaceuticals to relieve the discomforts of the monthly 'period', and guidance booklets about puberty for adolescents and their parents. And in the Museum's Research Library there are magazines whose advertisements document evolution in the manufacture and marketing of menstrual products since the late 1800s.
Coverage: Australia; 1885
30 May 2012

Tom Lennon Photographic Collection

The archive of the Sydney commercial photographer Tom Lennon contains approximately 1800 images dating from 1927 to 1949.
Coverage: Sydney, New South Wales; 1927 - 1949
30 May 2012

Tyrrell Photographic Collection

The Tyrrell Collection consists of 7903 glass plate negatives from the studios of Charles Kerry (1857-1928) and Henry King (1855-1923) who had two of Sydney's principal photographic studios in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Coverage: Queensland, Australia; Norfolk Island, Australia; South Pacific; New South Wales, Australia; 1880 - 1923
10 Dec 2013

Victa Lawnmower Collection

A collection of objects relating to Mervyn Victor Richardson and the Victa company. It includes lawnmowers, the first dating from 1953, as well as archival material and promotional material such as signs and pamphlets.
Coverage: New South Wales, Australia; 1953 - 2008
30 May 2012

Violin Collection

The Powerhouse Museum’s collection of bowed string instruments is one of its major strengths. In particular its holdings of violins by both European and Australian makers are the largest in the country. The earliest violin acquired was in 1900 and made for the Museum by F Chainie of the Sydney suburb of Balmain. This instrument, made of Australian timbers, was acquired as an example of the type of item that could be made using Australian timbers. Since that time, especially from the late 1960s, the collection has grown as a way of preserving and documenting the history of violin making in Australia.
Coverage: United Kingdom; Europe; Australia; 1700
30 May 2012

W.E. Pennings archive re his building trades apprenticeship

Archive, building trades apprenticeship, Wilfred Edward Pennings, Australia, 1925-1946. Pennings (b. 1917) was a carpenter and a teacher of carpentry. This is a small group of papers relating to his technical education including reports and certificates from the Junior Technical School, Rozelle, Sydney Technical College and the Master Builders Association of NSW.
Coverage: Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia; 1925 - 1946
30 May 2012

Waddell's Ashfield Garage archive

Archive, Waddell's Ashfield Garage, Sydney, New South Wales, 1909-35. The archive contains mainly business records relating to the management of the garage, such as correspondence (1929-32), invoice books (1928-30) and workshop diaries (1927-35). It also contains some personal papers of John Laird Waddell, who owned the garage, as well as photographs and blueprints from when he worked for Caldwell Vale Motor & Tractor Construction Co.
Coverage: Ashfield, New South Wales; 1909 - 1935
30 May 2012

Weatherly Sisters Circus Archive Collection

The Weatherly sisters, Gagga and Toots, worked in circus, vaudeville, film and television as clowns, contortionists, mimics, dancers, singers, songwriters and musicians across Australia and internationally from 1910 until the 1980s. This archive contains material relating to the Weatherly Sisters as well as their family and circuses to which they belonged.
Coverage: India; South East Asia; South Africa; Australia; 1880 - 1990
30 May 2012

William Hudson Shaw's Lawrence Hargrave Archive Collection

Papers created or collected by William Hudson Shaw during his biographical research on Lawrence Hargrave dating from 1856 to 1977.
Coverage: Australia; 1856 - 1977
10 Dec 2013

Woodwinds & the Flute Collection

The Powerhouse Museum’s woodwind collection spans over two hundred years of development in this area. It includes instruments from European traditions such as clarinets, oboes, flutes and recorders through to traditional instruments found in Australian Indigenous nations, as well as Asian cultures such as Korea, China and Thailand.
Coverage: Korea; Thailand; China; Australia; Europe; 1770
30 May 2012