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Ada Grey Wilson Lace Collection

The Ada Grey Wilson lace collection consists of lengths of lace and several fan leafs as well as a large number of designs and patterns for lace based on Tasmanian native flora and fauna. There are approximately 60 items, most dating from or slightly before 1910.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1905 - 1915
30 May 2012

ANARE Collection

The ANARE collection consists of objects, documents, oral histories and photographs relating to the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions period of Antarctic history, circa 1947 to 2009, Approximately 700 items.
Coverage: Antarctica; 1943 - 2009
30 May 2012

Benjamin Duterrau Collection

A collection of 14 oil paintings, 7 watercolours, 30 prints and 13 plaster reliefs by Tasmanian colonial artist, Benjamin Duterrau (1767-1851).
Coverage: Tasmania
30 May 2012

Convict Clothing Collection

The convict clothing collection contains primarily a range of hats, jackets, waistcoat and trousers as worn by male convicts, consists of rare examples of government issued clothing dating from the 1830's to 1877. Approximately 30 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; Van Diemen's Land; 1830 - 1877
30 May 2012

Convict Leg Iron Collection

A representative collection of convict leg irons demonstrating the different size, weight and markings. 19th century, used in Tasmania. Approximately 30 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; Van Diemen's Land; 1800 - 1899
30 May 2012

Donald F. Wicks Collection

Consists numismatic items ranging from Ancient and modern coins, tokens, medals and in addition an extensive refrerence library. Date range 143 BC to 1970. 1151 items.
Coverage: 143 BC - 1970
30 May 2012

Echlin Autograph collection

A large collection of autographs from the papers of Major G.F.W. Echlin (1881-1965). The collection includes signatures from prominent individuals in both Australia and Britain during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including royalty, Tasmanian governors, politicians, church and military officials, sporting identities and explorers.
Coverage: Europe; Britain; Tasmania
30 May 2012

Eric Waterworth and the Optical Annexe collection

Objects and photographs relating to Eric Waterworth the Inventor and to his work at the Optical Munitions Annexe during World War II. Date Range1930's -50's. Approximately 40 items
Coverage: Optical Munitions Annexe, Tasmania; Tasmania; 1930 - 1959
30 May 2012

Francis Guillemard Simpkinson de Wesselow Collection

A collection of 212 watercolours and drawings by Tasmanian colonial artist Francis Guillemard Simpkinson de Wesselow (1819-1906).
Coverage: Tasmania
30 May 2012

George Burrows Huon Pine Furniture Collection

The furniture collection consists of 58 objects and 29 of these pre-date 1840, making it the most oustanding single collection of Huon pine in the world. The pieces span nearly 100 years of Tasmanian colonial history. Most items are made in Tasmania and a small number originate in Victoria. Collection includes un-upholstered and upholstered seat furniture as well as various types of cabinet furniture and tables.
Coverage: Tasmania
30 May 2012

George Williams Collection

Photographic paper prints and lantern slides featuring views of Tasmania, buildings, events, people at play and work. Date range 1850 to 1950. Approx 4900 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1850 - 1950
30 May 2012

Goetz Collection

Consists of 63 medals of satirical and WW II content. Goetz produced a 633 medals, in total, over a period of 40 years. Date range 1914 to 1945, 63 items.
Coverage: Germany; 1914 - 1945
30 May 2012

Guildhall Collection

The Guildhall collection presented to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery by London's Guildhall Museum, now The Museum of London, in 1938. It consists of 164 archaeological specimens found within the original walls of the city of London. These date from the Ancient Roman period through to the 17th century and include metallic objects, pottery vessels and fragments, tiles, fragments of shoes, coins, keys and small tools.
Coverage: London
30 May 2012

Harry Baily World War I Collection

A collection of WWI material including 'The Baily Flag' (1914), Baily's diaries (1915 to 1919), photographs and memorabilia including a large piece of shrapnel removed from Harry (Bill) Baily's hip.
Coverage: Gallipoli; 1914 - 1919
30 May 2012

Henry Hunter Architectural Drawings Collection

Substantial collection of architectural plans and drawings from the practice of prominent Tasmanian colonial architect Henry Hunter (1832-92) and his successors. Included are plans of many notable public and ecclesiastical buildings, schools and private residences. The collection is from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. More than 1800 architectural plans.
Coverage: Tasmania
30 May 2012

Hookey Collection

Photographic glass plate negatives taken by Hookey around the 1910s showing life of the Hookey / Stokell family at Rokeby,Tasmania and overseas. Approx 1,030 items.
Coverage: Rokeby, Tasmania; 1910 - 1915
30 May 2012

J H Robinson Collection

The photographs of J H Robinson (1883-1953) documented the history of Waratah and surrounds, workings of the Mt Bischoff tin mine, outlying mining activities, the people and the very active social life of Waratah. Consists of photographic glass plates and film negatives. Approx 1500 items.
Coverage: Tasmanian; Waratah, Tasmania; Mt Bischoff, Tasmania
30 May 2012

J.W.B. Murphy Collection

Photographic prints framed and mounted. J.W.B. Murphy was the manager of the famous Theatre Royal in Hobart for over 45 years from 1896. The collection features actors and vaudevillian entertainers. 1850s to 1970s. Approx 1500 items.
Coverage: Theatre Royal, Hobart; Hobart, Tasmania; Tasmania; 1850 - 1979
30 May 2012

Janet Gale Collection

The Janet Gale collection of netsuke and sagemono consists of 91 netsuke, 14 inro and ojimi beads, several tobacco sets and two embroidered purses. The netsuke are made in several media including wood, ivory, iron, lacquer and porcelain; they date from the 18th through to the very early twentieth century and represent a wide range of subjects.
Coverage: Japan
30 May 2012

John Blaine Furniture Collection

A collection of Tasmanian colonial furniture dated from the 1820s to the 1850s. The collection consists mainly of furniture made in Tasmanian hardwood timbers in a naïve manner. A small number of pieces collected include maker's marks or marks identifying colonial government origins.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1820 - 1859
30 May 2012

John Glover Collection

A collection of 14 oil paintings, 29 watercolours and 2 sketchbooks containing over 300 drawings by Tasmanian colonial artist John Glover (1767-1849).
Coverage: Tasmania
30 May 2012

L.C. Pitfield Collection

Photographic glass plates and lantern slides by Hobart solicitor Leonard Pitfield of various areas of Tasmania including documenting social outings and activities and overseas trips. Date range 1904 to 1931. Approx 2,040 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; New Zealand; South Africa; Egypt; England; Scotland; 1904 - 1931
30 May 2012

Lady Dry Collection

Lady Clara Dry was the wife of Tasmanian politician Sir Richard Dry (1815-1869). The Lady Dry collection is a diverse and idiosyncratic selection of material collected by her while travelling in Europe and the Middle East. It includes Middle Eastern textiles and religious artefacts, Italian ceramics and jewellery, Neapolitan painted fan leafs, a model of a Norwegian stave church and a number of small ancient Egyptian artefacts amongst other things.
Coverage: Egypt; Middle East; Europe
30 May 2012

Lamprell Antique Map Collection

A collection of antique world maps, dating from 1657 to 1861, bequeathed to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum of Tasmania by Dr Bernard Lamprell in 1998. Many of the maps document European exploration of the South Land and the collection includes several early charts of Tasmania. 66 maps.
Coverage: Europe; Britain; Australia; Tasmania; 1657 - 1861
30 May 2012

Lord Talbot de Malahide Collection

Consists of a collection of over 3000 coins primarily of Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine. It also includes a large number of medals of Great Britain and Ireland. Dates range from approximately 500 BC to the early 1920s. Over 3000 coins.
Coverage: Ancient Greek; Roman Empire; Byzantine Empire; Great Britain; Ireland; 500 BC - 1925
30 May 2012

Louisa Anne Meredith Collection

A collection of 200 drawings, watercolours and 2 sketchbooks by Tasmanian colonial artist Louisa Anne Meredith (1812-1895).
Coverage: Tasmania
30 May 2012

Luckman Collection

Photographic prints, negatives and positives of Hobart Walking Club excursions and members, south west wilderness and the Luckman family and friends. Photographs date from 1900s to 1980s.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1900 - 1985
30 May 2012

Mabbutt Collection

There are 63 items in the Mabbutt collection. It consists mainly of 18th and 19th textiles from China and the Middle East. In addition there is a small number of historic European textiles and eight Russian icons. Mrs CVM Mabbutt (n.d.) acquired all items through inheritance.
Coverage: China; Middle East; Europe; Russia
30 May 2012

Marie Bjelke Petersen Collection

An archive relating to the life of Tasmanian novelist Marie Bjelke Petersen (1874-1969), including original editions of her novels, typed manuscripts, family bibles, scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs and artwork.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1865 - 1965
30 May 2012

Mt Lyell Mining Co Collection

Photographic film and glass negatives, prints and albums featuring Tasmania's mining on the west coast of Tasmania by photographers J.W. Beattie, AK Dargaville and others. Date range 1890s to 1960s. Over 500 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; Queenstown, Tasmania; 1890 - 1969
30 May 2012

Penal settlements and convict relics / sites

Photographic glass lantern slides, prints and albums including material from the J.W. Beattie collection. 19th and 20th century. 218 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1800 - 1905
30 May 2012

Peter Dombrovskis Collection

The Peter Dombrovskis Collection consists of objects, documents, oral histories and photographs relating to the work of Tasmanian wilderness photographer, Peter Dombrovskis. Date Range 1970 to 1996.  22 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1970 - 1996
30 May 2012

Ray Barnes Collection

Various photographic formats and equipment, featuring views of Tasmania, buildings, events, people at play and work, Date range 1850 - 1950s. Over 3,000 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1850 - 1959
30 May 2012

Regatta Program Collection

An extensive collection of southern Tasmanian silk regatta programs, commemorating the earliest Hobart regatta established in 1838, through to the 159th Anniversary Regatta held in Hobart in 1997.
Coverage: Hobart, Tasmania; Tasmania; 1838 - 1997
30 May 2012

Scrimshaw Collection

Scrimshaw primarily associated with the Tasmanian whaling industry. It consists of engraved sperm whale teeth, jaw bones, and bone plaques showing a variety of scenes, including whaling activities, romantic and rural scenes, portraits and caricatures. It also includes carved and turned objects for domestic and maritime uses such as corset busks, pin cushions, walking sticks, fids and seam rubbers. Date range circa 1820s to 1900. Approximately 200 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1815 - 1905
30 May 2012

Ship Figureheads Collection

The Ship Figureheads Collection is a small specialised collection of ship relics, focusing on decorative figureheads and fiddle heads for the bow, and sternboards. The collection dates from circa 1840 until the 1930s and it consists of eight items.
Coverage: 1835 - 1935
30 May 2012

Ship Model Collection

The Ship Model Collection documents significant local vessels, and Tasmania's ship building industry and coastal, national and international trade. The collection consists of amateur ship models, maker's models, ships in bottles and children's model craft. Date range circa 1803 to 1940s. Approximately 100 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1798 - 1940
30 May 2012

Southern Command Collection

Photographic prints military, Tasmanian volunteers; South African and First and Second World Wars - 1850s to 1950s consisting of 261 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; France; Gallipoli; South Africa; 1850 - 1959
30 May 2012

Sticht Valentine Card Collection

A collection of nineteenth century printed and handcoloured valentine cards compiled by Dr John Sticht of Stockton, California. He was a son of Robert Carl Sticht (1856-1922), general manager of the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company in Tasmania. The 219 cards were mainly produced in Britain from about 1840.
Coverage: Britain; 1835 - 1905
30 May 2012

Tasmanian Aboriginal Canoe Collection

The bark canoe models were made at Wybalenna, Flinders Island in the 1830/40s. TMAG holds 5 of a very small number known to exist in the world and they demonstrate the traditional methods of canoe construction.
Coverage: Wybalenna, Flinders Island; Flinders Island; Tasmania; 1830 - 1849
30 May 2012

Tasmanian Aboriginal Historical Baskets Collection

There are 17 traditional baskets in the TMAG collection, 11 of which were collected by Dr Joseph Milligan (1807-84) between 1843 and 1847 when he was superintendant at Wybalenna, Flinders Island. The remaining 6 baskets have no provenance but were made sometime between the 1840s and 1850s.
Coverage: Tasmania; Flinders Island; 1840 - 1859
30 May 2012

Tasmanian Aboriginal Shell Necklace Collection

The TMAG houses the largest collection of Tasmanian Aboriginal shell necklaces in the world. This traditional practice was maintained by the women of the Furneaux Islands, Cape Barren and Flinders. The shell necklace collection ranges from very old traditional necklaces to contemporary necklaces. The oldest provenanced shell necklace is one made of Plownneme (Queen Flora) in 1854.
Coverage: Cape Barren Island; Flinders Island; Furneaux Islands; Tasmania; 1854
30 May 2012

Tasmanian Environmental Activism Collection

The Tasmanian Environmental Activism Collection consists of objects, documents, oral histories and photographs relating to mid to late twentieth century environmental history in Tasmania. Date Range 1950 to 2009. Approximately 450 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1950 - 2009
30 May 2012

Tasmanian Field Naturalists and Hobart Walking Club

Photographic lantern slides and print stereo views of Hobart Walking Club and the Tasmanian Field Naturalists' excursions and members. Date range early 1900s to 1960s. Approx 530 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1900 - 1969
30 May 2012

Tasmanian Token Collection

Consists of tokens ranging from Tradesman, Commiunion, Club and Gambling all of which are catalogued. Date range 1850s to 2009. Approximately 350 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1850 - 2009
30 May 2012

Telecom Collection

Various photographic formats - prints, negatives , positives and albums dealing with Postal and telecommunications. Over 2,000 items. 1850s to 1960s.
Coverage: 1850 - 1969
30 May 2012

Thomas Bock Collection

A collection of 40 watercolours and drawings, 3 oil paintings and a sketchbook containing 160 drawings, by Tasmanian colonial artist Thomas Bock (1790-1855).
Coverage: Tasmania
30 May 2012

Victoria Cross Collection

TMAG holds the original medals of 3 Victoria Cross recipients.They were issued to Bisdee and Wylly for bravery in the Boer War and to Gaby for bravery in France during World War I. Date range 1900s to 1918. 3 medals.
Coverage: France; Southern Africa; 1900 - 1918
30 May 2012

Whaling Collection

The Whaling Collection focuses mostly on the Tasmanian coastal and pelagic whaling industries. It consists of harpoons and lances, whaling ship relics, trying-out tools for processing whale blubber into oil, and pieces of whale bone, teeth, baleen and ambergris. Date range circa 1820s to 1900. Approximately 110 items.
Coverage: Tasmania; 1815 - 1905
30 May 2012

Wong Collection

This collection consists of over 300 items, all of Chinese origin. Two thirds of the collection is ceramics dating from the prehistoric period through to the 20th century with a representation of the major dynastic periods and ceramic techniques. The collection also includes furniture and woodcarvings from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as snuff bottles and a small number of metal objects.
Coverage: China
30 May 2012