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  • 85/1497 Crucibles (6), ceramic, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, maker unknown
  • 85/1498 Ladles (2), (metallurgists), iron, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, maker unknown, c 1950
  • 85/1499 Pit saw, steel blade, wooden handle, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, maker unknown, 1950-1960
  • 85/1500 Pitch-fork, (garden or hay), used at Sydney Observatory workshop, 1930-1950
  • Two rain gauge measuring cylinders.
    85/1913 Rain gauges (2), measuring cylinders, glass, made by Angelo Tornaghi, used at Sydney Observatory, New South Wales, Australia, 1861-1900
  • 85/1914 Sieve, cylindrical, copper, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, [Australia]
  • 85/1915 Funnel, conical, ceramic, size 6 (or 9), used at Sydney Observatory workshop, [1930-1950]
  • 85/1916 Mortar & pestle, ceramic, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, made in [England]
  • 85/1917 Cylinder, glass, graduated, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1918 Cylinder, glass, graduated, stoppered, used at Sydney Observatory, Australia, 20th century
  • 85/1919 Measuring vessel, possibly rain gauge, glass with spout, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1920 Tubing (2 pieces), chemical glassware, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1921 Watch glasses (2), used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1922 Test tube, fused silica, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1923 Tube, sealed glass, containing liquid, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1924 Glass discharge tube, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1925 Discharge tubes (3), glass, (containing powders), used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1926 Vessels (5), glass, handblown, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1927 Filter flask, glass, used at Sydney Observatory, Crown, Australia
  • 85/1928 Boiling flasks (2), glass, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1929 Funnel & filter chamber, porcelain/glass, used at Sydney Observatory, Buchner's, Japan/England
  • 85/1930 Roentgen tubes (2), X-ray, used at Sydney Observatory, Newton & Co, London, England


Sheedy Pty Ltd Signwriting Archive




Records of signwriting company Sheedy Pty Ltd of Redfern, which traded from 1908 to 1982

Archive, advertising/signwriting/ design, paper/cardboard/wood, Sheedy Pty Ltd, Australia, 1942-1981. Records of signwriting company Sheedy Pty Ltd of Redfern, which traded from 1908 to 1982. Records include (-1) signage designs for Woolworths, 1950s-1982, (-2) signage designs for Coca Cola, c1960s, (-3) signage designs for Orlando, 1940s-1960s, (-4) signage designs for EMI/His Master's Voice, c1960 (-5) signage designs for Anthony Horderns, 1950s, (-6) signage designs fro Hotel Australia, 1950s, (-7) signage designs for Braun/Voigtlanger, c1962, (-8) miscellaneous signage designs, signs, posters and advertisements, 1930s-1950s, (-9) memorandum and articles of association, 1956, (10) annual financial statements, 1943-1982, (-11) correspondence, 1939-1957, (-12) factory returns, 1942-1960, (-13) Labour and National Service - Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme, 1946-1952), (-14) notebooks, 1950s-1960s, (-15) job sheets, 1956-1969, (-16) job books, 1955-1979, (-17) job numbers completed books, 1961-1972, (-18) quote and estimate books, 1950-1974, (-19) photographs and negatives, 1950s-1960s, (-20) painting product leaflets and colour charts, 1950s, and (-21) internal quotation records, 1957-1964.

Some items in this collection may be subject to copyright

By appointment

A printed guide to the archive is available at the Museum (91/1892).


Advertising; Signwriting

Archives; Business records; Photographs

Sheedy Pty Ltd

Coverage Spatial

Redfern, New South Wales, Australia

Coverage Temporal



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