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  • 85/1497 Crucibles (6), ceramic, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, maker unknown
  • 85/1498 Ladles (2), (metallurgists), iron, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, maker unknown, c 1950
  • 85/1499 Pit saw, steel blade, wooden handle, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, maker unknown, 1950-1960
  • 85/1500 Pitch-fork, (garden or hay), used at Sydney Observatory workshop, 1930-1950
  • Two rain gauge measuring cylinders.
    85/1913 Rain gauges (2), measuring cylinders, glass, made by Angelo Tornaghi, used at Sydney Observatory, New South Wales, Australia, 1861-1900
  • 85/1914 Sieve, cylindrical, copper, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, [Australia]
  • 85/1915 Funnel, conical, ceramic, size 6 (or 9), used at Sydney Observatory workshop, [1930-1950]
  • 85/1916 Mortar & pestle, ceramic, used at Sydney Observatory workshop, made in [England]
  • 85/1917 Cylinder, glass, graduated, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1918 Cylinder, glass, graduated, stoppered, used at Sydney Observatory, Australia, 20th century
  • 85/1919 Measuring vessel, possibly rain gauge, glass with spout, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1920 Tubing (2 pieces), chemical glassware, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1921 Watch glasses (2), used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1922 Test tube, fused silica, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1923 Tube, sealed glass, containing liquid, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1924 Glass discharge tube, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1925 Discharge tubes (3), glass, (containing powders), used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1926 Vessels (5), glass, handblown, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1927 Filter flask, glass, used at Sydney Observatory, Crown, Australia
  • 85/1928 Boiling flasks (2), glass, used at Sydney Observatory
  • 85/1929 Funnel & filter chamber, porcelain/glass, used at Sydney Observatory, Buchner's, Japan/England
  • 85/1930 Roentgen tubes (2), X-ray, used at Sydney Observatory, Newton & Co, London, England


Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games Collection




A collection of objects from the Olympic and Paralympic Games held in Sydney in 2000, including Australian uniforms and competition clothes, performance costumes from the opening and closing ceremonies, sporting equipment and ephemera.

In September and October 2000, Sydney hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The event was significant in the modern history of Sydney and Australia. Its infrastructure and organisational abilities were under scrutiny, with 10,651 athletes from 199 nations participating and innumerable tourists visiting to watch the Games. The Games were declared the 'best games ever'. In addition to the accomplishments of athletes in the stadium, there were significant achievements in Australian design and technology leading up to the Games. This collection of objects was donated by the New South Wales Government 2001. It consists of a wide range of objects such as Opening and Closing Ceremony props and costumes, Torch Relay objects, examples of product design, graphic design and environmental design, sporting equipment and uniforms. This collection is complemented by a range of other objects in the Museum's collection relating to the Sydney Games as well as to other Olympic Games held throughout the world

Some material in this collection may be subject to copyright

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Events; Sport; Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Performance costumes; Props; Sports clothing; Sports ephemera; Sports equipment; Uniforms

Coverage Spatial

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Coverage Temporal



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