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Melbourne University Medical History Museum Blood and Bleeding Equipment

Blood and Bleeding Equipment collection at the medical History Museum holds over 50 items including cautery instruments; snake-bite treatments; scarifiers; lancets; cupping glasses; blood letting sets; and tourniquets.
Coverage: Berlin; Germany; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
30 May 2012

Melbourne University Medical History Museum Medical Purging Equipment

Five sets of Victorian era enema and stomach pumps.
Coverage: Sheffield; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; London; 1860 - 1900
30 May 2012

Melbourne University Medical History Museum Medical Quackery

This collection consists of 15 objects relating to the history of alternative medical practises commonly referred to as 'quackery'. Most are from the nineteenth and early twentieth and including five Révulseur or ""Lebenswecker"" apparatus, vibrators and a phrenology bust.
Coverage: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 1840 - 1960
30 May 2012

Melbourne University Medical History Museum Microscopy

The Microscopy collection at the Medical History Museum includes dozens of examples of simple and compound microscopes from 1800-1950. Included are monocular and binocular microscopes; lenses; lamps; and sets of slides.
Coverage: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Africa; Japan; Rabaul; New Guinea; 1800 - 1950
30 May 2012

Melbourne University Medical History Museum Stethoscopes and Phonendoscopes

This collection consists of 56 binaural and monaural stethoscopes and two Phonendoscopes of historical interest. Most are from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and were donated from the Victorian Branch of the Australian Medical Association historical collection of documents in 1994.
Coverage: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 1880 - 1970
30 May 2012