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The extensive WAM Fishing Collection draws together diverse items to examine - the changing attitudes to fish as a food, from cheapest staple to gourmet item; the changing multicultural scene and the associated social imact; changes in technology, and the scientific understanding of the WA Fisheries; changing technology; and changing catch. The collection comprises: oral histories, navigational equipment and electronic gear, boats and builders models, rigging, engines, 'cray' pots, nets, fishing lines, hooks, corks and floats, sinkers, woven baskets, wood and plastic crates, safety gear, builders models, processing equipment and gear, clothing, protective clothing and wet weather gear, oral histories, images, sail cloth, signalling and spot lights, net mending gear, ropes, culture pearl implements and gear, whaling gear, processing and marketing materials, tins and packaging materials, scales and balances, storage containers, onboard cooking and accommodation gear, religious icons, festival costumes, documents, fish shop and outlet signs, rods and reels.

The focus of the fishing collection is to provide representative examples of boats, technology, fishing gear, fishing work and lifestyles,experiences, ceremonies, and organisational, family, and community involvement in WA's diverse commercial and recreational fisheries, including acquaculture. Some of the commercial and recreational fisheries represented include: whaling, sealing, pearling, rock lobster, crabbing, and prawning.

Some material may be subject to copyright.

Viewable in exhibitions at WA Maritime Museum, WA Museum in Perth, Albany and Geraldton. Collection storage areas may be accessed by prior appointment.

Item descriptions, specifications, images, conservation & location history available through the WA Museum Maritime History Department's Research and Integrated Collection Management System.


19th, 20th and 21st Centuries; Bari; Capo d'Orlando; Doria; Fremantle; Molfetta; Molfettese; Sicillian; Sicily

Boats; Clothing; Fisherman; Fishing; Fishing industry; Fishing industry equipment; Immigration; Vessels (watercraft)

Boats; Ceremonies; Communities; Families; Fishing; Fishing boats; Fishing industry; Immigration; Migration; Water transport

Fishing boats; Fishing equipment; Watercraft

Coverage Spatial

Western Australia; International

Coverage Temporal



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