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The WAM Maritime History Artworks Collection features over 180 rare and often unknown original artworks recording or representing aspects of Western Australian maritime interactions, by artists as diverse as harbourmasters to war correspondents, and range from the 1830s to the present day. This collection of artworks includes oil paintings, etchings, watercolours, curios, sea chests, pearl shell, scrimshaw, textiles, and wood carvings.

The focus of the artworks collection are those created by people with maritime professions or backgrounds that document voyages and maritime experiences, ship portraits, ports, and which generally document Western Australia's maritime history. Together the collectioon records the development of WA as a maritime colony, providing irreplaceable records of colonial activity before the birth and acceptance of photography, and continues on to provide an often challenging depiction of subsequent maritime activities.

Some material may be subject to copyright.

Viewable in exhibitions at WA Maritime Museum, WA Museum in Perth, Albany and Geraldton. Collection storage areas may be accessed by prior appointment.

Item descriptions, specifications, images, conservation & location history available through MHRD (WA Museum Maritime History department Integrated Collection Management System).


20th and 21st Centuries; Artwork

Art; Decorative art; Fabric design; Marine & waterway places & structures; Paintings; Prints; Vessels (watercraft)

Art objects; Carving; Etching; Maritime history; Painting; Textile crafts; Water transport; Watercolour painting

Artworks; Carvings; Chests; Etchings; Paintings; Scrimshaw; Textiles

Coverage Spatial

International; Western Australia

Coverage Temporal



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