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Marine Engineering, Science and Technology Collection


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An extensive collection representing the development of maritime engineering technology, particularly as used in WA, from the first marine beam engine to today's outboard motor or nuclear drive plant; and the experiences and unsung stories of the rarely sighted engineers who ran, maintained and fixed this tehnology, often in the most difficult circumstances. The marine engineering, science and technology collection comprises: combustion, inboard and outboard engines (30), steam engines and pumps (20), model engines and boilers (12), oral histories (30), uniforms (5), certificates of discharge, eppaulettes, caps, passports, tools, implements, scientific instruments, gauges, certificates of competency, employment identification cards, documents, technical books, manuals, navigational materials, technical plans, log books, union membership books, memorabilia, documents, piston and valve, engine gauge boards, and engine makers' plates.

The focus of the marine engineering, science and technology collection is to collect materials representative of the evolution of Western Australia's marine engineering, science and technology and the work, lifestyles and people associated with these industries.

Some material may be subject to copyright.

Viewable in exhibitions at WA Maritime Museum, WA Museum in Perth, Albany and Geraldton. Collection storage areas may be accessed by prior appointment.

Item descriptions, specifications, images, conservation & location history available through the WA Museum Maritime History Department's Research and Integrated Collection Management System.


20th and 21st Centuries; Heritage Watercraft; Indian Ocean; Marine steam engines

Boilers; Documents; Engines; Scale models; Tools; Uniforms

Certificates; Engines; Factual texts; Marine engineering; Maritime history; Navigation; Oral History; Scale models; Tools

Documents; Engines; Military & nautical engineering; Models; Scientific equipment; Tools; Vessels (watercraft)

Coverage Spatial

Western Australia; International

Coverage Temporal



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