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A collection of materials representative of both the personal and ship's equipment of the long line fishing vessle South Tomi arreseted in Ausatrlian waters for poaching Patagonian Toothfish. This collection comprises 96 items: tins and bottles of food, brush wood brooms, shovels, stool, fire extinguisher, homewares, cooking utensils, cleaver, calender, protective clothing, freezer suits, casual clothes, bedding, shoes, proective boots, work aprons, Spanish-Korean (Espanol-Coreano) Dictionary, Japanese language book, Korean paperback (James Dean), ticket and baggage label, Indonesian comic book, Mauritius Telecom phone card, Spanish/Catholic prayer cards, documents, Cyrillic/Russian paperbacks, Spanish/Cyrillic/English Dictionary, Spanish newspapers, fishing lines, hooks, sinkers, fishing line storage containers, knives, knife belts and sheaths, scaler, buckets, stackable crates, stone weights, ship's log books (in Japanese and Spanish).

The focus of the South Tomi Collection is the work and lifestyles of the crew (and their ethnicity) who lived aboard the Patagonian toothfish factory ship apprehended by the Australian Navy in the Southern Ocean. This collection provides rare insight into the daily life, the nationalities, perspectives and experiences of those involved in the lucrative Patagonian Toothfish poaching industry; and provides an alternative viewpoint to reflect upon and assess the nature and efficacy of Australian fisheries conservation methodolgy and process.

Some material may be subject to copyright.

Viewable in exhibitions at WA Maritime Museum, WA Museum in Perth, Albany and Geraldton. Collection storage areas may be accessed by prior appointment.

Item descriptions, specifications, images, conservation & location history available through MHRD (WA Museum Maritime History department Integrated Collection Management System).


20th century; Exclusive economic zone; Patagonian Toothfish; Pirate; Poaching; South Tomi; Southern Ocean

Boats; Crimes; Fisherman; Fishing; Fishing industry; Fishing industry equipment; Navies; Personal effects; Poaches; Vessels (watercraft)

Boats; Fishing; Fishing boats; Fishing industry; Maritime history; Maritime law; Navies; Water transport

Books; Fishing boats; Watercraft

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International; Western Australia; Southern Ocean

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