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The focus of the Parry Endeavour Collection is to highlight the lifestyle and means by which Jon Sanders completed a solo, non-stop double- then subsequently triple- circumnavigation of the world in the 1980s. The collection comprises 1,021 items dating from 1970s-1988, including the yacht, rigging, safety gear, self-steering gear, food, multi-media, electronic and electrical gear, navigational, first aid and medical equipment, fishing tackle, toys, clothes, tools.

The focus of this collection is the unique insight into the preparation and lifestyle of a lone sailor. Parry Endeavour completed a triple circumnavigation of the world in just under two years. Lone sailor, Jon Sanders, never set foot on land, never had another person onboard, never received assistance, and never took on provisions other than the three and half tonnes taken onboard when he departed Fremantle. Parry Endeavour's voyage earned Sanders 15 world records of distinction for endurance and unique achievements in the Guiness Book of Records. In the process he broke many of the records he himself had set earler in his double circumnavigation in the yacht Perie Banou in 1981-82 (also in the WA Museum Historic Boats collection). Parry Endeavour sailed continuously over a distance of 131,535 kilometres. The collection provides a unique insight into the preparation and lifestyle of a lone sailor.

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Viewable in exhibitions at WA Maritime Museum, WA Museum in Perth, Albany and Geraldton. Collection storage areas may be accessed by prior appointment.

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1988 bi-centennial; 20th century; America's Cup; Cape Horn; Captain Cook; Challenger; Clothes; Curtin University of Technology Centre for Marine Science and Technology; Electronic and electrical gear; First aid and medical equipment; Fishing tackle; Food; Guiness Book of Records; Jon Sanders; Kevin Parry; Kookaburra; Lone sailor; Multi-media; Navigational equipment; Parmelia Race; Parry Corporation; Phil Curran Cruising Yacht; Plymouth; Rigging; Rolly Tasker; Safety gear; Sailing; Sailor; Self-steering gear; Tools; Toys; Triple circumnavigation non-stop solo; Yacht; Yachting

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