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An important collection of objects from the South-West of Western Australia collected between the 1890s and 1940s.

The South-West collections are an important sub-set within the larger ethnographic collections of the Western Australian Museum. Beginning in the early 1900s the collection contains a variety of objects relating to the traditional, contact and historical period lives of Noongar people in the south-west of Western Australia. The collection contains around 350 objects, including a number of rare items from the early colonial period such as kodj's (hatchets) from the Swan River and Bunbury, and two bookas (kangaroo skin cloaks) from Cranbrook and Gnowangerup. It is one of the largest collections from this region in any museum and provides a valuable record of the cultural property produced and used by Noongar people.

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19th & 20th century; Aboriginal culture; Noongar; Tools & weapons; Traditional life

Aboriginal artefacts; Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Tools

Aboriginal peoples; Artefacts; Indigenous Australian peoples; Tools

Clothing; Tools; Weapons

Coverage Spatial

Western Australia; York; Perth; Bunbury; Arthur River; Pinjarra; south-west

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