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A collection of ethonographic objects acquired during the period when Australia administered Papua New Guinea as a colonial outpost. This collection and the associated primary documents reflect the lives and experiences of Australian's working in the region during this time.

The Australians in Papua New Guinea collection is an assemblage of material collected in the years that Papua New Guinea was under Australian colonial administration. This collection was accumulated across different regions and time, dating from World War One right through to Papua New Guinean independence in September of 1975. Collected by five different people all of whom worked in different roles exposing them to a diversity of different cultural groups and associated material culture. A number of these collections are also accompanied by documentation and photos which talk to the lives and experiences of Australian in Papua New Guinea during this period.

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20th century; Colonial administration; Missionaries; Papua New Guinea; Patrol officer

Ambler; Brand; Briggs; Goodlet; Kabisch; Stanwix

Anthropological specimens; Documents; Photographs

Artefacts; Collecting; Colonies; Indigenous peoples; Photography

Colonies; Documents; Indigenous artefacts; Indigenous people; Photography

Coverage Spatial

New Ireland; Sepik River; Manus Island; Ambunti; Maprik; Lake Kopiago; Trobriand Islands; Madang; Papua New Guinea; Telefomin

Coverage Temporal



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