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Excavation at Hawker Lagoon, in the Flinders Ranges took place in the 1980s by archaeologist Ron Lampert. This excavation provided the first Pleistocene occupation date for the Flinders Ranges. Lampert was particularly interested in the 'kartan' tools, characterised by their large proportions and heavy nature. Kartan tools were recorded by Lampert on Kangaroo Island and up into the Flinders Ranges, particularly at Hawker Lagoon. Hawker Lagoon was investigated again in 2003 by Keryn Walshe in collaboration with Pauline Coulthard from Hawker. This investigation failed to find Pleistocene occupation but did record a series of open hearths around the Lake, dated to about 500-1500 years old.

'Early Human Occupation of the Flinders Ranges' (1987) by Ron Lampert and Phil Hughes, Records of SA Museum. 'Aboriginal occupation at Hawker Lagoon, southern Flinders Ranges' (2005) by Keryn Walshe, Australian Archaeology Vol 60:29-35.


Aboriginal artefacts; Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Stone tools; Tools

Aboriginal peoples; Artefacts; Tools

Archaeological excavation; Archaeology; Excavation Assemblage; Hawker Lagoon; Hearths; Kartan tools

Keryn Walshe; Pauline Coulthard; Ron Lampert

Stone tools; Tools

Coverage Spatial

Southern Flinders Ranges; Hawker Lagoon

Coverage Temporal

1500 BP

500 BP

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