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Numerous chert small tools collected from the Arcoona region (Woomera) by amateur archaeologist Ron Hewitt. Whilst based at Woomera, Ron established a keen interest in Indigenous prehistoric occupation. Having met and been encouraged by Walter MacDougall, he began collecting, describing and curating lithics from Arcoona. In 1976 he published a paper on a hoard of stone adzes. Ron gave much of his time and expertise voluntarily to staff at the museum from the 1970s to 90s and has donated a good deal of his collection to the South Australian Museum. The collection is a very valuable expression of the use of fine grained material from a semi arid environment.

'Aboriginal adze stone hoards found on the Arcoona Plateau, near Woomera South Australia' (1976) by Ron Hewitt, Australian Archaeology Vol 4(14-52).


Aboriginal artefacts; Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Stone tools; Tools

Aboriginal peoples; Artefacts; Tools

Archaeology; Arcoona; Chert tools; Lithics; Stone adzes

Ron Hewitt

Stone tools; Tools

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Arcoona Plateau; Woomera, South Australia

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