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Allen's Cave yielded stone tools and an enormous quantity of animal bone, but little of this relates to Indigenous occupation of the site, having been accumulated through owl pellet deposition and mammalian predator activity. Occupation at this site commences at 39,500 years ago and continued until the recent past. Lubljon Marun undertook the first excavation at this site as part of his doctoral research (ANU, Canberra) in the early 1960s and was followed by Rhys Jones and Scott Cane in 1988/89. Allen's Cave is the oldest and best dated cave site in South Australia and is amongst the oldest occupation site in Australia.

'Taphonomic analysis of the vertebrate assemblage from Allen's Cave; implications for Australian arid zone archaeology' (1994) PhD thesis, ANU, by Keryn Walshe.


Aboriginal artefacts; Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Stone tools

Aboriginal peoples; Artefacts; Excavations (Archaeology); Tools

Allen's cave; Archaeological excavation; Archaeology; Excavation Assemblage; Owl pellet deposition; Stone tools

Lubljon Marun; Rhys Jones; Scott Cane

Stone tools

Coverage Spatial

Allen's Cave; Nullarbor Plain, western margin of South Australia

Coverage Temporal

39500 BP

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