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Ngaut Ngaut is a rockshelter on the Murray River, Lower Murray Valley, South Australia. The excavation of this rock shelter took place from 1927-8 by South Australian Museum officers Herbert Hale and Norman Tindale and was the first formal archaeological excavation undertaken in Australia. The assemblage includes stone tools, animal bones, shellfish and other organics. Some human remains were also extracted from this site, and these are housed with the Human Biology collection, awaiting repatriation. Ochred artwork was identified on rock fallen into the base of the excavation.

Basis of honours research thesis by Michael Smith, Australian National University, Canberra.


Aboriginal art; Aboriginal peoples; Artefacts; Excavations (Archaeology); Tools

Aboriginal artefacts; Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Stone tools

Animal bones; Artworks; Stone tools

Animal bones; Archaeological excavation; Archaeology; Excavation Assemblage; Ochred artwork; Organics; Rockshelter; Shellfish; Stone tools

Herbert Hale; Norman Tindale

Coverage Spatial

Lower Murray Valley; Murray River; Ngaut Ngaut; South Australia

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