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Collection of 707 items from Africa, predominantly Ethiopian Coptic, including processional, hand held and pectoral crosses, scrolls, scripture books, stone icons, jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, beads, ornaments, carvings, coins, batik, mats and basketry.

Donated to the South Australian Museum under the Cultural Gifts Program. Display at the Egyptian Coptic Community Centre of South Australia in 2000. Researched by SAM Collection Manager, Aphrodite Rose, for a Masters Report completed in 2002. Dr Ian Steven collected the items predominantly from markets while he was providing medical aid in Ethiopia during the Famine Relief Effort in the 1970s.


Africa; Coptic; Ethiopia

Africa; Basketwork; Decorative arts; Handicrafts; Iconography; Jewellery; Money; Religious art

Basketry; Carvings; Coins; Craft working; Crucifixes; Currency; Jewellery; Ornaments; Religious icons; Religious objects

Baskets; Carvings; Coins; Floor mats; Jewellery; Ornaments; Religious books; Religious objects; Textiles

Dr Ian Steven

Coverage Spatial

North Africa; Ethiopia; Africa; East Africa

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