Frank Hurley Panoramic Collection 1929-31

British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition Panoramic Photographic Collection



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A collection of 125 images taken by James Francis (Frank) Hurley. These images are of a specially wide angle (83 x 254mm), made for dramatic images that took Hurley to the length, breadth and height of the expedition ship.

The collection includes the film camera circa 1925, which unusually laid down an image on a curved film plane via a pivoting lens, and was operated by James Francis Hurley on the Discovery Expedition. The lens was of fixed focus and exposure times could be varied by adjusting to one of two tensions of the spring controlling the lens. This is the only surviving panoramic camera from Mawson’s numerous expeditions.


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James Francis (Frank) Hurley

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On board Discovery and various landfalls of the BANZARE voyages (1929-31)

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