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Ursula Hope McConnel (1888-1957)



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More than 350 Aboriginal artefacts collected by U.H. McConnel, mostly among the Wik peoples of Cape York, Qld in the 1930s

Comprehensive collection of Wik material culture, including women's objects, toys, ceremonial material, hunting and gathering objects.

S.A. Museum

Restricted access to secret sacred objects

Further information may be found in S.A. Museum specimen documentation files. For a description of the recent rediscovery of a significant quantity of McConnel's archival material, see: P. Sutton 2010 'Ursula Mcconnel's Tin Trunk: A Remarkable Recovery' Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, vo.134(1), pp.101-14. McConnell's S.A. Museum ethnographic collection is published in U. McConnel, 1953, Native arts and industries on the Archer, Kendall, and Holroyd rivers, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland, Records of the South Australian Museum Vol. 11, no.1 (for other refs, see Wikipedia article below). Related collections notes: Associated archival component held in the SAM Archives; McConnel ethnographic material also held in Australian Museum, Sydney and Queensland Museum, Brisbane. Entry in Wikipedia: Entry in Australian Dictionary of Biography Online:


Aboriginal artefacts; Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Food

Aboriginal material culture; Axe; Bag; Bags; Basket; Boomerang; Ceremonial objects; Club; Container; Cordage; Early to mid 20th century; Fire-making; Food; Knife; Material; Medical; Message; Musical instrument; Narcotic; Ornament; Pigment; Plume; Shield; Sorcery; Spear; Spear-thrower; Toy; U.H. McConnel

Aboriginal peoples; Artefacts; Ceremonial objects; Drugs; Indigenous foods; Musical instruments; Pigments; Sorcery; Toys

Anthropological specimens; Ceremonial objects; Containers; Edged Weapons; Personal adornments; Projectile weapons; Tools; Toys; Weapons

Ursula Hope McConnel

Coverage Spatial

Yarrabah; Mapoon; Batavia River; Gulf of Carpentaria; Weipa Mission; Kendall River; Cairns; Daintree River; Princess Charlotte Bay; Archer River; Cape York Peninsula; Queensland

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