John Kevin Raphael Doolan (AA 632)


AA 632


The South Australian Museum Archive collection comprises stories, songs and vocabularies recorded by Jack Doolan at the Palm Island Government Settlement during 1963-64. The collection contains 20 magnetic reel to reel tapes.

John Doolan was born on 14 June 1927, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Known as Jack Doolan, he served in the Royal Australian Navy as well as serving two terms as an Australian Labor Party Member of the Legislative Assembly for Victoria River, Northern Territory. Between his military and political careers, Doolan worked as a Patrol Officer. During this time Doolan came into contact with Norman B Tindale and subsequently recorded oral histories with Aboriginal Palm Islanders in Queensland. He died in 1995.

The Museum Board of South Australia

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Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians)

Aboriginal Palm Islanders; Oral histories

Aboriginal peoples; Interviews; Narratives; Oral History; Songs; Vocabularies

John (Jack) Doolan; Norman B Tindale

Sound recordings

Coverage Spatial

Palm Island, Queensland

Coverage Temporal



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