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The Bolam collection in the South Australian Museum Archives comprises photographs that Anthony Bolam took at Ooldea between 1920 to 1925.

Born in 1893, Anthony Bolam was the Station Master at Ooldea Siding on the Trans-Australian Railway from 1920 to 1925. Bolam was a keen photographer, and took many photographs of the Australian Aboriginal people, some of which were included in his book 'The Trans-Australian Wonderland'. He died in 1966. This collection consists of photographs taken by Bolam at Ooldea while he was Station-master at Ooldea Siding. The photographs include some of the Aboriginal people who gathered at Ooldea Siding, some of Ooldea Siding and the transcontinental trains and others of the flora, fauna and geology of the Nullarbor Plain. Some of the photographs of Aboriginal people have detailed captions by Bolam providing personal details (eg totem and place of origin) of the individuals shown. The collection also includes seven small cardboard cards with hand-written captions by Bolam. These cards, according to Bolam's grand-nephew, were prepared for a display of Bolam's photographs at a local Victorian school. The photographs to which the captions relate evidently show Aboriginal weapons and ceremonial objects. These photographs are not in the South Australian Museum collection.

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Aboriginal peoples; Photography; Railway lines

Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Photographers; Photography; Railway sidings

Anthony Bolam

Nullarbor fauna; Nullarbor flora; Nullarbor geology; Ooldea Siding; Transcontinental trains


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Ooldea, South Australia; Nullarbor, South Australia; Ooldea Siding, South Australia

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