John Michael Skipper (AA 291)


AA 291


The South Australian Museum's collection comprises of four series. Series one is the oil painting ""Corroboree"". Series two contains negatives, prints and transparencies associated with the oil painting 'Corroboree'. Series three is a collection of prints and negative images of the oil painting 'Skipper Family at Islington'. Series four includes an incomplete biography of Skipper by Herbert Hale, as well as transcribed segments from Mary Thomas' Diary.

John Michael Skipper was born in 1815, Norwich, England. He was an intelligent, vivacious solicitor who is remembered predominantly as an artist that documented the character of early colonial South Australia with romantic sensitivity. He died in 1883, Kent Town, South Australia.

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Biographies; Corroborees; Diaries; Families; Painters; Painting; Portraits; Visual arts

Biographies; Coloinial South Australia; Corroboree; Diaries; Family portraits

Biographies; Diaries; Negatives; Paintings; Photographic transparencies

Corroborees; Families; Journals; Paintings; Portraits

Herbert Hale; John Michael Skipper; Mary Thomas

Coverage Spatial

Colony of South Australia; Islington, South Australia

Coverage Temporal



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