Peter Melville Rice (AA 267)


AA 267


The South Australian Museum Archive collection comprises: narrative and singing recorded at Musgrave Park, South Australia, 1963; photographs taken by Peter Melville Rice including photographs of Tommy Dodd; and maps hand drawn by Tommy Dodd.

Peter Melville Rice was born on 30 December 1928, Colonel Light Gardens, South Australia. Peter Melville Rice attended the University of Adelaide from 1960 to 1963 after completing 13 years service in the Royal Australia Navy. Upon completion of a degree in social sciences, Rice accepted a position with the South Australian Department of Aboriginal Affairs (SADAA) as a Welfare Officer working with Australian Aboriginal people in and around Adelaide as well as the mid-North of South Australia. During that time Rice recorded events with the Pitjantjatjara people as well as assessing their health and socioeconomic conditions. Rice's service with SADAA concluded in 1966 when he accepted a position with the then Commonwealth Department of Immigration firstly in Adelaide and then in Canberra developing migrant settlement services on a national basis.

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Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians)

Aboriginal languages; Aboriginal music; Aboriginal peoples; Maps; Narration; Photography; Storytelling

Clothing; Cooking; House building; Pitjantjatjara people; Seed grinding; Spearmaking; Spinning; Welfare Officer; Wiltja

Maps; Photographs; Sound recordings

Peter Melville Rice; South Australian Department of Aboriginal Affairs (SADAA); Tommy Dodd

Coverage Spatial

North Adelaide, South Australia; Musgrave Park, South Australia

Coverage Temporal



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