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The Daisy May Bates collection in the South Australian Museum Archives comprises: correspondence relating to Australian Anthropology; publications by Daisy Bates and other authors; notes and labels relating to tjuringas and other objects; linguistic data; personal correspondence, clothing and other Items; photographs relating to Australian Aboriginal people; Maps annotated by Daisy Bates; and papers relating to the 'We Remember Daisy Bates' exhibition curated by the National Trust of South Australia.

Born in 1859, Daisy Bates, a journalist and self-trained anthropologist, worked extensively with Australian Aboriginal people in Western Australia and South Australia from the 1890's to the 1930's. She recorded information on Australian Aboriginal customs, mythology, language and lifestyle. From 1919 to 1934 Daisy Bates lived at Ooldea, a siding on the Trans-Australian Railway in South Australia. During this time she recorded much valuable data on the Australian Aboriginal people of the Nullarbor Plain and Great Victoria Desert. Daisy Bates died on 18 April 1951.

Some material is still in copyright to the Museum Board of South Australia

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Related External Collections: Bates' extensive collection of manuscripts, notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs and other documentary material is housed in the National Library of Australia. The Barr-Smith Library at the University of Adelaide has photocopies of the material in the NLA plus additional correspondence and other items. The State Library of South Australia also has some Bates correspondence.


Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal customs; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Historic documents; Photography

Aboriginal languages; Aboriginal peoples; Dreaming (Spiritual); Exhibits; Photography

Anthropological specimens; Clothing; Correspondence; Documents; Photographs

Australian Anthropology; Clothing; Correspondence; Exhibtions; Linguistic data; Maps; Photographs; Publications; Tjuringas

Daisy May Bates

Coverage Spatial

Western Australia; South Australia; Nullarbor Plain; Great Victoria Desert

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