Iris Daphne Dicks (AA 827)


AA 827


The Iris Dicks Collection consists of 97 black and white photographs taken by Iris Dicks at Ooldea, South Australia between 1937 and 1949. The photographs depict Aboriginal people, landscape scenes and views of Ooldea Siding and Ooldea Mission, and some of Fowlers Bay and other locations on the west coast of South Australia. the collection also includes related documentation and corresspondence.

Mrs Iris Daphne Dicks (nee Bishop) was born at Moonta in 1913. She married Walter Dicks, who was born in 1904 in England and later emigrated to Australia. After their marriage, Wally was employed by the Commonwealth Railways as a ganger on the East-West Line, and they lived together at Ooldea Siding on the South Australian Nullarbor Plain from 1937 to 1949. During that period Iris had considerable contact with the Aboriginal people who frequented the siding. Iris and Wally also became close friends with Harrie Green, the Superintendent of the United Aborigines' Mission station at Ooldea Soak, and his wife, Marion. After leaving Ooldea in 1949 the Dicks lived for some time in Victor Harbor until Wally got a job at the Woomera Rocket Range. Later, in the 1950s, the Dicks moved to Fowlers Bay, on South Australia's far west coast, where Wally worked for the Highways Department. He was later transferred to Port Augusta, where they lived after Wally's retirement. Wally died on 14 April 1988 and Iris died on 4 November 2001, aged 88 years.

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Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Landscapes (views); Railway sidings; Welfare establishments

Aboriginal peoples; Landscapes; Missions; Photography; Railway lines

Commonwealth Railways; Harrie green; Mrs Iris Daphne Dicks (nee Bishop); Walter Dicks

Documents; Photographs

Harrie green; Moonta; Nullabor Plain; Ooldea; Ooldea Mission; Ooldea Siding

Coverage Spatial

Ooldea Siding, South Australia; Ooldea, South Australia

Coverage Temporal



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