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92 objects and associated photographs of the Western Highlands and Kukukuku (Anga) peoples obtained during Lutheran missionary service in those areas in the 1950s. Collection includes tools, weapons, ornaments, clothing, household and personal items. All the objects have been photographed; the objects and associated photographs have been documented by Phil Fitzpatrick in consultation with Rev. Freund.

Researched by Phil Fitzpatrick. Publication: Fitzpatrick, P. 1999 The A.P.H. Freund Collection of New Guinea Artefacts held by the South Australian Museum. Records of the South Australian Museum. 31(2): 181-214. Photographs and archival material in SA Museum Archives under AA100. Related external collections: Freund collections in the Queensland Museum and in the Louise Flierl New Guinea Lutheran Mission Museum in Hahndorf, South Australia.


A.P.H. Freund; Ethnographic; Menyamya; New Guinea; Photographs; Yaramanda

Anthropological specimens; Clothing; Domestic equipment; Ornaments; Personal effects; Tools; Weapons

Artefacts; Indigenous peoples

Ethnology; Household objects; Indigenous artefacts

Reverend A.P.H. Freund

Coverage Spatial

Papua New Guinea; Kukukuku (Anga), Papua New Guinea; Yaramanda, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea; Menyamya, Papua New Guinea; Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea; Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

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