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The Daintree Photograph Collection consists of over 200 photographs of Queensland in the 1870s. Daintree, a photographer and geologist, took these photographs during his visits to north Queensland. They were displayed at a range of colonial exhibitions in Australia and Europe.

Richard Daintree was a Queensland Government Geologist and avid photographer. This collection showcases landscapes, geological formations and people from across Queensland in the 1870s, and are particularly focused in the north of Queensland and on mining and agricultural endeavour. Photographs from the Richard Daintree collection were show in the Queensland displays at 10 international exhibitions from 1871 (London) to 1897 (Brisbane). A selection of photographs was also shown in the Queensland Court at the Sydney International Exhibition, 1879-1880. The collection holds over 200 photographs, including photographic prints and overpainted Albumen prints mounted on boards.


Agriculture; Mining

C1870s; Geology; Landscapes; Photography


Richard Daintree

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North Queensland, Australia

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