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The Queensland Museum Aviation collection consists of a range of objects including aircraft, flying equipment and personal memorabilia. Also a rich archival and photographic collection pertaining to aviation history in Queensland and famous Queensland Aviators and Aviatrix.

The Queensland Museum Aviation Collection holds some iconic objects including the AVRO Baby and AVRO Avian aircraft, used by Bert Hinkler in long distance flights in the 1930s. It also contains the wreck of the Southern Cross Minor, which crashed in the Algerian Sahara in 1933, its pilot Bill Lancaster surviving the wreck but perishing in the desert conditions. The collection holds 8 aircraft, a range of aircraft engines, parts and navigational equipment, aviation clothing and uniforms, and memorabilia from a number of pilots including Charles Kingsford Smith, Bert Hinkler, Charles Ulm, and Lores Bonney.


19th Century; Aircraft parts; Aviation

Aircraft; Engines; Uniforms

Bert Hinkler; Bill Lancaster; Charles Kingsford Smith; Charles Ulm; Lores Bonney

Coverage Spatial

Queensland, Australia

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