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A large collection of items relating to the research, preservation and exploitation of Queensland's unique landscape. Environmental science objects in the QM collection include implements aimed at the control of introduced pests such as rabbits and prickly pear, as well as microscopes and testing equipment from centres of research like the University of Queensland or the Department of Environment and Heritage.

Queensland Museum's environmental science technology collection encompasses a broad range of scientific equipment used in the research of Queensland's flora, fauna and waterways. There are approximately 260 items relating to microscopy in the Social History collection, the majority of which come from the University of Queensland Museum of Microscopy. This collection of microscopes and associated equipment was used across a variety of research disciplines at UQ, including Zoology and Geology. There are other miscellaneous laboratory items and portable test kits, like ozone monitors and hydrographs, which represent changes in scientific technology over time and contribute to the history of environmental research in Queensland. QM also has cameras, singeing and pulping machines, poison injectors and containers from the Australian Prickly Pear Board, based in Queensland. There is also a significant collection of animal traps, snares and baits used across the state to control levels of rabbits, insects, foxes and other introduced pests.


19th Century; 20th century; Environment; Laboratories; Pest control; Science

Laboratory equipment; Microscopes

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Queensland, Australia

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