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This is a large collection of crockery, cutlery and silverware used at Queensland Railways Refreshment Rooms and for on board train services throughout the twentieth century.

This collection of over 1000 objects features crockery, cutlery and silverware used in Queensland Railways Refreshment Rooms and on Dining Cars for such train services as the Sunshine Express, Sunlander, Westlander, Midlander, Inlander, Queenslander and the electric tilt train. The experience of dining during long distance journeys has long been a feature rail travel in Queensland. The collection includes a range of crockery types and exhibits Queensland Railways branding from different eras of rail travel. The collection also holds a range of dining related equipment from tourist trains such as the Queenslander.


20th century; Crockery; Cutlery; Dining cars; Inlander Train; Midlander Train; On-Board Services; Queenslander Train; Railway Refreshment Rooms; Sunlander Train; Sunshine Express Train; Tilt Train; Westlander Train

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