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A collection of over 70 objects associated with x-ray technology in Queensland.

The Queensland Museum X-Ray Technology Collection contains a range of x-ray equipment for dental, medical, and scientific testing manufactured in Australia, Europe and America. This includes x-ray machines and their components, most particularly x-ray tubes, together with paraphernalia for use with x-ray equipment, such as protective wear, frames, x-ray plates, and exposure meters and calculators. The collection extends over 80 years from the late 1890s to the 1970s and demonstrates changing configurations and advances with x-ray technologies through time. It features one of the earliest cathode x-ray tubes in Brisbane, a hand blown piece from 1898, and the prototype of the rolling loop mechanism which enabled the rapid transport of 70mm film, designed for x-ray photography and developed in Brisbane


Anode; Cathode; Exposure; Medical imaging; X-rays

X-Ray Equipment

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